Essay on Blood Pressure Management in the UAE

Published: 2021-08-10
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Blood pressure or as otherwise referred to as hypertension, is defined as the pressure of blood in your blood vessels, particularly arteries. Hypertension, notably uncontrolled or untreated, presents a major risk for cardiovascular diseases mortality and morbidity. The UAE together with other countries participation in the World Health Day for HTN on the 7th of April yearly is mostly designated to educate the public about hypertension, its risk factors, complications (stroke, renal failure, heart attack, etc.), and prevention. A number of health awareness activities and events took place on that day. The following are some of the activities that were organized by the UAE;

Organization of awareness campaigns, activities, competitions, education forums and walkathons.

Organization of workshops and conferences.

Conducting medical camps for free hypertension and diabetes screening.

Circulating materials that contain health advice concerning hypertension.

Promoting the new initiative offered by the Beverly Hills Home Healthcare in Dubai that involves home visiting to provide routine check-ups for blood pressure and sugar levels. This initiative mainly focuses on the elderly and people with special needs.

Providing and equipping mobile clinics with specialized equipment for conducting a variety of free tests, to move around different areas in the UAE while providing healthcare and education to UAE residents.

The UAE developed and manufactured a triple combination pill which was meant to handle uncontrolled hypertension, a pill that was licensed in October 2010 by the UAE ministry of health. The pill was designed to more powerful blood pressure reduction while boosting medication compliance at the same time.

In a bid to control the spread of lifestyle diseases, the UAEs Ministry of Health dropped the drug prices from about five percent to sixty percent, a margin of fifty-five percent. This move was meant to ensure that everyone, including the poor, can be able to afford the drugs.

First Gulf Hypertension Conference in Dubai (26-27 January 2015)

This conference was organized to look into a couple of things which include;

To review and update where necessary, the latest hypertension guidelines.

To discuss the possible cardiovascular risk factors in hypersensitive patients.

To provide up-to-date clinical and scientific data on hypertension and its related diseases.

To discuss cardiovascular risk factors that are associate with hypertension patients.

Examine any new advances in hypertension.

A cross sectional study in Abu Dhabi (2014)


To estimate the prevalence of high BP and its relationship with obesity among children and adolescents


1600 UAE national students aged between 5-21 years.


Blood Pressure, height, weight, waist circumferences (WC)& body mass index (BMI)


a) The prevalence of elevated Blood Pressure, notably systolic was significantly high among the Emirati children and adolescents in Abu Dhabi.

b) High BP was strongly related to body weight, and appears more strongly associated with body mass index than WC.

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