Essay on Blacks in the New World

Published: 2021-07-08
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The blacks in the new world are recorded in different books, for example, Dubois- Black Reconstruction, "The White Worker," among other readings to undergo various challenges as they try to find space and recognition in their new world. During the initial times, the whites saw blacks as people whose participation in important activities held no meaning. They got depicted as inferior beings that should perform manual and other low paying jobs which could not be carried out by the ordinary whites. Some also got sold or used as a trade commodity in the new world in exchange of other valuable products. Therefore, the two readings under the topic mainly get based on Dubois Black Reconstruction, "The White Worker, and Nat Turner Confession."

A summary of Black Reconstruction notes that Du Bois published the book in 1935 with the assistance of one Harcourt, Brace and Company. He majorly covered the role played by the African American agency in the building and development of the United States of America. It also captured the importance of the equality of the African Americans and the freedom for the achievement of the promised democracy. On the other hand, the confession covered NAT's words concerning the factors which made him undertake the insurrection. Nat Turner mentions the numerous challenges of the blacks among other related concerns like slavery. The depicted, therefore, still revolve around the central idea of the blacks in the new world.

Going by documentation and history, it gets clear that the issue of free blacks was a legal status awarded to the blacks in the new world after a long struggle. At the stage in the discussion, the blacks became allowed to participate in the democratic processes like voting. They could also file lawsuits or even offer themselves as part of the jury. In short, after the circumstances that faced the blacks in the new world which revolved the Western European Nations, for example, Britain and the United States of America, they were allowed to form part of the key systems of those nations. One of the most captivating incidences of challenge in the new world of blacks gets based on the Seminoles which was a slave catching exercise in 1816. Documentation proves that Andrew Jackson by then a General gave orders to General Gaines to attack the Seminole alliance and give restoration of the stolen blacks to their legitimate owners. The aftermath of the incident saw the assault of many blacks which later became consequential.

According to WEB Dubois on Black Reconstruction, he shared in the widespread of the American idea of the son rising to better income level as opposed to the father. The situation led to the European working class undertaking struggles for the elevation of all the workers without considering the color of their skin. Later on, at some point, WEB Dubois argues that the workers came to oppose slavery not majorly from the moral basis but from an economic perspective on the fear of getting reduced by the actual competition to the level of the slaves. It got no doubt that the issue revolved the urge of becoming capitalists, but it was threatened by the blacks who formed the bottom line of the working economy. Before the consideration of the discussed, Dubois argues that the Blacks jarred upon the whites, a condition that led the German Immigrants in Pennsylvania to ask the Quakers whether slavery existed with the consideration of the golden rule.

Gradually, WEB Dubois noted the changing environment for the blacks in the new world as the attitude of the whites changed and began to consider them based the right of humanity and the prosperity of their country's economies. The situation led to the abolition of the slave trade which in the view of many seemed not to take the economies to the desired directions. In the confession of Nat Turner, slavery and slave trade formed the basis of his revolt or rebellion. The mentioned gets supplemented by the YouTube version which gives a vivid picture of how Nat Turner makes his confession. Some of the black loyalist's such ad Thomas Peters of Sierra Leone who also got enslaved by William Campbell in Wilmington championed for the rights of blacks in their new world where slavery got at its peak. The depicted gives enough proof on the livelihood of the blacks in the new world and their struggles in ensuring that they became free and gained good recognition. Further evidence to the depicted gets drawn from WEB Dubois on the Black Reconstruction and Nat Turners confession before facing the charges of insurrection.


In summary, it became clearer that life in the new world for the blacks seemed difficult due to the aspect of slavery and slave trade. Most of them were sold to work on farms while others offered various odd jobs. The portrayed receives further support from the readings of Dubois on Black Reconstruction and the confession of Nat Turner. Further justification also comes out from the discussion and the free blacks, the Seminoles, the abolition of slave trade and lastly the mentioning of the black loyalist by the name of Thomas Peters whose background get traced to Sierra Leone among other related concerns.

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