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A sniper is a sharpshooter who operates alone, with a sniper team, or in a pair. He must maintain a close visual contact with the nemesis and shoot them from within a concealed distance or position which exceed their detection capabilities. This individual has specialized training as well as the use of high-precision rifles and optics while at the same time feed any vital information they get back to their military bases. This has been one of the specialized roles of Chris Kyle an American sniper backed to be the deadliest in the American history (Kyle, Jim and Scott, p. 37). Stationed in Iraq as a navy seal in mid-2000, Kyle shoots many insurgents winning medals as well as deservedly commendations for his excellent actions. Throughout Chriss military life as a sniper, he draws a lot of success in protecting his colleagues and others with pinpoint accuracy, which was so remarkable among his fellow military brothers who deemed him as the The Legend. Despite being portrayed as one of the deadliest snipers, Chris had his downfalls concerning personality and character that attributes the fact that humanity may not be sufficient in the line of duty. Some of these attributes perhaps lead to his premature death as witnessed in the film made by Clint Eastwood.

In the movie, Kyle asserts that he is aged thirty when he enlists, but the completely American sniper real story shows that the actual Chris Kyle went into the U.S. Navy training in February 1999 at the time he was 24 years old. Born in Odessa Texas, Kyle gained entry into an elite seal unit in America. He served four deployments to Iraq as a senior whereby his counts he killed about 160 people (Kyle, Jim and Scott, p. 39). Kyle was the son of a church deacon; he grew up on a ranch experiencing a childhood that was shaped by outdoor pursuits. Admittedly, he loved to hunt deer during his formative ages and later competed in some bronco busting contests. As a scholar, he studied agriculture for two years and took up the job for as a ranch hand man where his lifelong interest in the military led him to the navy. After joining the military, Chris became so passionate about the life of his country and valued patriotism than anything else. I would lay down my life for my country. he became very idealistic and romantic concerning patriotism and serving the country. In one of his autobiography, Kyle attested that he killed many adversaries for the sake of his country. I had a job to do a seal. Killed the enemy, an enemy I saw in and day out wanting to kill my fellow Americans.

Kyle was a walk built man, at 38; he was 6-foot, 2,230 pounds. He is described to have had considerable muscle in his neck and forearms and shoulders that made him seem even more significant, like a scruffy beaded giant (Mooney, p. 42). If Kyle greeted you with the hand and looked directly in the eye, his massive bear paw would envelope entire hand. Getting an appointment to talk to Kyle was hardly possible, at one time when he was being interviewed in a televised interview, the interviewer Conon OBrien acknowledged to have a rare chance to converse with Chris. In the book, we are fully informed of Kyles military life and relatio9nshib he established with his wife, Taya Kyle. He had a long, complicated relationship with Taya with numerous struggles to overcome the traumas of combat as well as adjusting to civilian life.

As much as Kyle was a revered patriot to his country and behest to undertake important role of combat, many arguments are advanced that many cases exist that convince all and sundry, that he was a racist, a sadist, and a bully. He bragged brag about shooting Iraqi savages and wished that he could have cleared more of the lives (Mooney, p. 44). Whatever one thinks about Chris, his career and life reminisce a vivid portrait of the war on terror as well as wounds terror caused, both physiological and physical that the soldier would endure immediately after combat. Kyle established a fostering relationship with both his fellow at the military base but more importantly, was his family. Taya loved him, and Chris liked Taya. However, the link had to hang on the noose when he chooses to defend his country at5 the behest of his wife who felt alone. One night in 2009, Kyle and his family were living in San Diego, while they sat down at the table (Mooney, p. 45). Taya struck a conversation accepting that Kyle loved being a seal but she said to Kyle that if he was going to stay in the navy, then she had decided to move to Oregon. This was an anticipation of staying close to her parents when she said with finality, things are not going to be the same again. Chris left the military in the wake of 2009 to follow different pursuits. With his hulking presence and a quiet demeanor, he encapsulated the image of a military hero.

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