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One individual whom the organization names after founded Thomas Cook. Today, it is one of top UK travel and tourism group. The leisure organization concentrates mainly on provision of tour operations services in mass. Their holiday packages offer flights to various destinations, activities to engage in, accommodation, and any necessary supplementary services to their customers. Their main aims are endorsement of sightseeing in UK, provision of planned flights, to make proceeds, and to thrive in the competitive tourism industry.Thomas Cook, objective is to develop a culture of sustainable tourism. The outcome behind this objective is the creation of positive diversity among individuals in areas destined and their environment. The mission of the organization is to ensure that leisure experiences of the travellers are optimal and at the same ensuring the personal travel and accompanying activities manages in a responsible manner. The founder creation of the initial holiday package inspiration was collective conscientiousness logic. His sense was that through travel, the working people lives would improve significantly from the knowledge got from interaction with different environment and cultures.

Services and products that Thomas Cook caters to its customers overseas are packaged. Each holiday package encompasses well-catered and planned services that make the travel enjoyable to their clients. The smooth running of their product and services provision ensures that their customers not only stick with them but also advertise their efficient services to their friends and workmates. They provide car hire services in holiday destinations, hotel and accommodation facilities, travel insurance, and flight services. To book essential needs like drinks, food and entertainment while overseas, their customers rely on the effective well-structured networks. This is through the Thomas Cook twenty-four hours call centers, website, or via easily accessible travel agents. Some of the organization products are Thomas Cook weddings, Thomas Cook summer sun, Thomas Cook families, and the Thomas Cook 18-30 club. The target market here is couples, families, companies, and schools.

Thomas Cook Family brochure is designed in a manner that attracts families wishing to go on holiday. The front cover of this brochure prints with images that represent a family setup. They show facilities that entertain children. Picture of families on holiday, kids clubs and fun activities that hotels offer are common in the first page of these brochures. The reason why the company pays attention on the front cover is that it plays a major a role in attracting the targeted market. A potential client sees the cover first, thus it must in a way that is eye-catching. The front covers of the family brochure is such a way that the lead-in price is highlighted. Here, special offers that the company is offering and the least expensive price is high lightened. The importance of doing this is attracting potential buyers who are interested. The pictures on family packages show services and products that are on sale. For example, they have pictures of children with their parents, children in playgrounds, and special offers aimed at attracting parents.

Today, the use of internet is massive. This has defined how individuals carry their daily activities. The rapid growth of internet use to conduct research and make bookings has greatly shaped the way Thomas Cook selling channel. The company has created online brochures to ease the accessibility of their products. Potential clients can easily download these brochures in the comfort of their homes and peruse the various packages on sale. After reading and making a choice of travel destination, a client can book a holiday on Thomas Cook website successfully. The importance of adopting online channel is that it has the capacity to reach new markets. An individual does have to go to Thomas Cook offices. Convenience on the part of their clients creates since he can make a booking by a click of a button. To enhance appeal for their products and services to their target markets the company utilises coupons, sweepstakes, and product samples, premiums that are self-liquidating, contests, tie-ins, and rebates. This makes sure that the company maintains a positive image in the society. These promotional tactics makes sure that the company gives back to the society.

Thompson UK Travel and Tourism Organisation

Thompson is one of the biggest and best tour operators in UK. Initially it was a part of Thomson travel group founded in the year 1965. Until its renaming in 1997, it was known as Thomson tour operator. The headquarters are in Luton town. The organization aims at providing satisfactory holidays to their clients while making profits. Its objective is to provide services and products that meet customers needs. In addition, it aims at ensuring that customers tours are secure and comfortable.

Thomson main product is holiday packages. They packages are diversified based on the target market. Some of these packages are, adult holiday, luxury holiday, and family holiday. The packages modifies in a way that promote sales and attract potential holiday goers. One of the adult holidays is Thomson Couples package that is specific designed to meet couples needs. Properties that exist in this holiday package are a fraction of Thomson premium collection and are childfree. The scenery is fantastic, relaxed, and contain stylish restaurants. Their interiors are of unique style and have swimming pools and setting that is fantastic designed. Other adult packages include spa holidays, all inclusive holidays, premium collection, villa holidays, small and friendly, 2wentys holidays, chic and unique, sensation, and Thomson gold.

Family holidays aims at ensuring that during the whole of holiday period, families involved remain happy. Some of family packages the company offers are Thompson family resort, Florida holidays, Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney, and Lapland. Thomson family resort aims at making things simple for a family on holiday. It has childrens buffets, interconnection rooms, playgrounds, and kids swimming pools.

Luxury packages cater for adults who wish to spend ample and meaningful time together. Hotels under this package do not allow children. This enables couples to spend time together without interference by kids. The interiors are elegant with appealing pool scenes. Table settings are of two and beds are double.

Thomson Company employs various elements to promote its products. These are advertisement, personal selling sales promotion, public relation, and direct marketing. Direct marketing encompasses communicating directly to customers via conversation through phone, emails, and leaflets distribution. Public relation gears towards creation of an enabling environment with the public. This is via press release, corporate logo, sponsorships, exhibition, and press conferencing. Personal selling involves face-to-face interaction with clients. This is through sales training, meetings and presentations. Even when a company offers the best services, without advertisement, customers will never learn of its existence. To advertise its products the company uses cinema, billboards, magazine, newspapers, radio and television to reach their markets. In addition, the company has embraced use of technology to market its products. This is through their website and social network utilization. Internet has changed how people used to interact and communicate hence the reason why the company has embraced technology to market their products and consequent online bookings.

To enhance appeal for their products and services to their target markets the company utilises non-media and media code of communication. This is through contests, exhibition, trade-ins, incentive programs, and trade shows. The promotional methods build a solid relationship with the public. This is important since people tend to drawn to institutions that cares about the welfare of the society.

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