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Published: 2021-06-22
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Do you like contemporary or modern gospel music? I do. Of course, music is a phenomenon that influences different people in their knowledge, individual personality, and life experiences. Singers must, therefore, be in a position to understand the difference between singing and reaching out to deliver an important message. Cecelia Winans, more commonly known as Cece Winans, is an excellent example. She is a songwriter, producer, actor, talk show host, speaker, and author; she is however popularly known worldwide for her music. From, a large family of talented believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the music representing it today. Gospel music is not only a wonderful way to draw people closer to God but has also been a tool of influence across the entire music industry. Cece Winans is from Detroit Michigan and has been in the music industry since early 1980 up to date with her most new Album entitled Let Them Fall in love that was successfully released on February 3, 2017. Ironically, the Album was produced by her son. Cece Winans motivation to sing springs up from her heart and more so, her belief- Christianity- a belief that is shared by millions of people globally. Many non-believers might overlook the impact Cece Winans, and her 21-year career has contributed to modern music and artists. Nonetheless, her influence has been immensely significant. Cecelia Winans is a Spiritual Activist through her music career and is an excellent example of an artist who has influenced millions through her music.

Among Ceces many inspiring songs is one of my personal favorite, Colorful World (Released in 2005). Some of the lyrics are as follows, Now hes been cheated, mistreated by the color of his skin. He is rarely contrary over what should not have been. He holds his head up instead and he wears a smile what motivates him most is what he finds deep down inside. Its a colorful world that we live in, a colorful world that we live in. Celebrate all our differences; instead of building these lasting fences whats in the heart matters most of all (Winans et al.). The song is about diversity and aims to reach and inspire so that people who are unwilling to accept the differences among others are informed that what is paramount is their heart, and not the texture or color of their skin, their demeanor or their status quo. Cece was embracing her inner activist with this song because it delivers to the listener with the actual purpose to influence. Ceces message through this song is relevant because we live in a generation where lookism and even worse, racism negatively affect so many people. So with the magnitude of power that music has to influence, anyone may listen and be compelled to improve the world around them by living the message of this song.

If you are looking and influential and great show host, look no further than Cece Winans. Also, she has been featured on and hosted Kennedy Center Honors, the Steller Awards, Good Morning America, Bill Gaither gospel hour and the Early show. Cece not only has her distinct incredible voice but also has a great personality, a beautiful family, career longevity and a fantastic reputation which has gained her credibility and several opportunities in any music genres, arts musical and professional arenas worldwide. Interestingly in her 8th project, Thy Kingdom Come she was enabled to express even more, with the album being more tenaciously spiritual than ever before. Many are the times she is referred to as a woman of wonder (Greer).

Activism has always been and is still very visible today supporting or opposing everything from Civil rights, Anti-War, student activism, environmentalism, affirmative action and more. Many gospel artists support activist movements because activism is nearly synonymous with Gospel music resulting from the impact the gospel had on civil rights in the 1950s and 1960s. Cece Winans is celebrated as one of the most awarded female gospel singer in the industry, with 21 Grammy Award nominations, 10 Grammy Awards, 7 Stellar Awards as well as 20 Dove Awards. Needless to say, her music has built quite a strong fan base, empowering her with the rare ability to impact millions of lives across the world. She continues to use her music and her books to reach out to a bigger audience, preaching a message of love.


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