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Published: 2021-07-02
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In the current generation, reading a great piece of writing cannot be overlooked. While some people may consider reading a waste of time, they ignore the fact that reading not only lets the readers wander off in a fantasy world but also learn much more about the universe. Whether a reading or real, it keeps, people informed as well as sharpen their skills. Reading books is an activity that enlarges the world of an individual, helps in the development of empathy, and affirms humanity in individuals.

The real world has always been overwhelmingly complicated. Reading literature makes the world less complicated as it enlarges a persons capacity of the world. The amount and the type of knowledge that a person acquires through reading largely determines ones ability to make their globe. That is, the more one reads, the more things they learn and develop their skills. For instance, the reading I am Malala gives a reader insight about the World of Malala Yousafzai. The reader understands how her hometown, which is Mingora in Pakistan, has changed. We lived in Mingora, the biggest town in the valley, in fact, the only city. It used to be a small place, but many people had moved in from the surrounding villages, making it dirty and crowded (Yousafzai and Christina 2).Without even visiting Mingora, reading the article informs an individual of the changes that have taken place in Mingora town. According to Sanford, the variations in the town is as a result of a radical Islamist group called the Taliban who have continued to threaten the women activists who were fighting for the equal rights for gender especially the education of women. The reading from Malalas hometown enlarges one's world by making the reader understand the happenings of the world of Malala which in turn grows one's universe.

When people read, they develop empathy. That is, they can put themselves in the characters of a reading and share in what they go through. Reading improves the readers ability to understand what others are thinking and how they are feeling. Traditional and contemporary writings tend to depict otherworldly situations and follow a structure that takes a reader on a ride of emotions and experiences that can be exciting. Although the settings may be grand, characterization whether direct or indirect is often internally consistent and can easily be predicted. Hence, the readers expectations of others are affirmed. Since these writings focus on the mental capacity and relationship of characters to people and the environment, the minds of characters are portrayed vaguely with little details. The reader is forced to fill the holes to comprehend the motivations and intentions of characters. In Malala case, she has some situations, which have gaps that prompt the reader to fill. Yousafzai and Christina (7) write that in the Pashtuns community, the birth of a boy child is more celebrated than that of a girl child. I was a girl in a land where rifles are fired in celebration of a son. For most Pashtuns, its a gloomy day when a daughter is born (Yousafzai and Christina 1). A girl is only necessary for giving birth to children and preparation of food. While reading, the reader can put themselves in the shoes of a girl child in the Pashtuns society and feel their pain of being denied some things due to something they have no control over, being born a female. Thus, reading advances a person capacity to feel and think about the emotions of people like women in Pashtun who are less valued and only subjected to reproduction and house responsibilities.

Reading is among the few different human activities that set people apart from the animal kingdom. That is, reading literary works makes one more moral hence, affirming humanity. Reading makes people smarter hence, they become nicer. Reading requires a cognitive capability which enhances the ability of individuals to feel others; it, therefore, makes people more human. Capacity to read to make people more human can be related to the incident of Malalas father is on the verge of losing his school. My father was desperate not to give up the school so; he agreed to pay Naeem a return on his share of the investment (Yousafzai and Christina 17). A friend came in and rescued the situation that Malals father was facing. From a situation, a reader can reflect on the importance of helping other people. Was it not for Hidayatullah, Malals dad would have lost the school that he treasured. Hidayatullahs action of good will helps readers to understand humanity more, and in turn, they practice it in their life.

In conclusion, reading is an integral part of human beings activities that make them different in many aspects. Literary works such as I am Malala, help readers to expand their world by making it less complicated, develop their feelings and emotion towards others as well as assist them to become more human.

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Yousafzai, Malala, and Christina Lamb. I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban. , 2016. Internet resource.

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