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Published: 2021-07-07
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Even though the Roe vs. Wade case legalized abortion at the federal level and ruling it as a matter of privacy, states are allowed to set regulations (Medoff, 2010). Missouris state abortion laws require waiting periods after consulting with the doctors. In addition, a second medical officer must be present, and parental consent for the minors among others, are some of the restrictions the state has put in place. A Missouri State defines abortion as the intentional termination of the pregnancy by the use of drug, device or other means with an intention other than increasing chances of a live birth or dying unborn child. According to their laws, the illegality of abortion falls after 21 weeks and six days from the conception date, except when it threatens the woman life or health. Secondly, the patients should follow the statutory regulations that protect legal abortion practices. The third illegality is the aborting to use the fetal organs or tissues for personal benefits. Fourth, one should not use public facilities that include funds and employees for abortion except when saving the mothers life. The fifth illegal abortion laws are killing a fetus that has been aborted alive, and finally, performing abortions minus the doctor's license or surgical privileges.

Missouri State has a severe penalty for unlawful abortion. Taking the life of a child aborted alive amounts to the second degree of murder. Individuals that are not physicians conducting the abortion process are guilty of class B felony. Doctors assisting unlawful abortion are guilty of a class A misdemeanor and leads to revocation of the health practitioner's license. The patients are given a 72-hour waiting period to get an informed consent about the abortion process. This law is an exception for rape and incest cases. This 72-hour waiting period new law in Missouri could reduce the abortion rate in the state.

The reason abortion should be legalized is that it is a private matter and an issue of choice of every woman in the United States. Violating the right of choice will infringe the right of the Americans. Moreover, the United States is a free, democratic society that gives people the freedoms and rights. The right to privacy and choice falls in the bill of rights, which the government should uphold. Other than abortion being a moral and ethical issue, it is also a constitutional concern. From the Constitution point of view, abortion is assured under the Ninth Amendment that encloses the right to confidentiality (Medoff, 2010). It certifies women to obtain an abortion until the end of the first trimester.

On the other hand, ethically and morally, abortion should be permissive under certain stage and circumstances. One of the circumstances is the when the life of the mother is threatened. In this case, one should consider abortion not because the mother has value than the fetus, but because the fetus depends entirely on the mother (Kamm, 2016). If they would allow the mother to die, there is a high probability the fetus will not survive. According to ethics, personal and bodily autonomy is fundamental to a free and democratic society. The freedom exists as an ethical and moral necessity, hence giving a choice for abortion. The ethical, moral and constitutional stance on abortion conflicts when dealing with my clients. Before allowing them to go ahead with their choosing, I always look at the circumstances. Also, as a social worker, I discourage abortion unless the circumstances put the life of the mother in danger.


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