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Published: 2021-06-23
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Different authors using different articles have illustrated and written different information of the Eurasian Frontier. These sources tend to give the world distinguished meanings in a way that we are able to have a clear reflection and idea of how that each nation can develop its languages, folklore, ethnicity, identity, art among many other social phenomena which can be attained from a global age. The diverse texts have identified mainly two nations that is the Russian and the Asian nations. It is from these two nations that we are introduced to various tribes communities and other social functions that rose to become nations by themselves. Such social communities include Persia, Turks among many others.

What is more is that the texts give the world meaning through illustrating the different social institutions in a society. Also the introduced tribes are given a geographical and biological origin. Most of these authors go to a far extend in identifying the terrain in which these nations and communities originated from. An example is the Russians who helped mark a territory of Eurasian through their active engagement and collaboration with other tribes. However the information in these sources tend to contrast in various ways. An example is that the sources appear divided into two whereby one article represents the Asians and their resulted nations by Klaproth as the other speaks of the Russians together with their growing communities by Vambery. In addition is that in the division of the main topics in this text they both have different tales which are told at the end. The Asian tale highlights more of a man who gets lost in the woods as the Russian tale introduces as to the Tolstoy A prisoner in Caucasus.

Tolstoy A prisoner in Caucasus is a literary tale that creates the contrast in the sources by illustrating the different collaborations in culture. What is more is that it shows the contrast in evolution of different nations. An example this literary text shows the evolution in the Russian nation and imperial colonies. On the other hand is that the sources illustrate the difference in the artistic representations of information. A source such as the Travels uses Norgay the language in explaining the religious aspects of various communities. Another is the art of empire building represented in an artistic way by words used by writers such as Pushkin to create a vivid picture in the readers mind as well as the use of words which can result into developing reader response.

On the other hand the sources have established contrast in the description of Eurasian Frontier. This has come to be because of the different encounters by the unlike authors during dissimilar times. Example the Vambery and Klaproth sources view the sociology of the frontier differently. Klaproth speaks during the time of autumn as Vambery is close to winter season. Klaproth uses a hierarchy tree to explain the leadership ties as Vambery formulates a story which uses divorce as its main bait. Sources by Klaproth pay close attention to the physical lifestyles and appearances example the growing of the chin beard which is also mentioned while describing Zhnil from the Tolstoy A prisoner in Caucasus in Caucasus. On the other hand the other sources pay close attention to the lifestyle in relation to status and religion. An example is the mention of how Persian Christian women dressed.


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