Essay Example on Computer and Laptops in Primary Level Education

Published: 2021-08-18
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With the rapid global change, the education sector has also taken a course to advance to match up to the current situations. The present world needs people who have basic knowledge of technology as well as the trends within it. This essay discusses the need for laptops in primary schools as a current event in many countries through a photo essay.

Recently, most careers require people that are computer literate. It is an essential requirement that can cause someone to lose a job opportunity. However, many schools in the around the globe, both emerging and developed, have taken the initiative to introduce laptops to primary schools to help trigger an earlier understanding of information technology basics. At tender ages, children tend to grasp things faster. Introduction of laptops opens their minds to greater understanding (Burnett, 2014).

The photo has captured the right colors of their uniform, desks and physical environment. It is simple but detailed. From the picture, the learners each have a laptop and are concentrated performing a task presented by the teacher. The students are well spaced and seem to understand what they are doing. Instead of the teacher using the black or whiteboard to give instructions, she sends them via the learners students portal. It makes work more accessible and fun for both (Campbell, & Monk, 2015).

Around the middle of the picture below is the teacher standing next to a student. The learner seems to be explaining something to the teacher. She might be answering a question posed by the teacher or asking her for guidance on some issue she doesnt understand. The teacher looks diligently at the laptop as if to access her work. That shows the level of interest of the learners to the subject which is the first step to success. Also, the fact that the students relate well enough with the teacher to discuss their work strengthens their relationship which is healthy for a learning situation (Burnett, 2014).

The picture brings out a sense of comfort. The learners enjoy the working on the laptops. Their level of concentration is high as each learner seems to focus on the activities happening on the machine entirely. In a regular classroom session without laptops, some students attention drifts easily to their events around them. With the access to the internet, the learners can as well research further on the topic of study, getting a wide range of information within a short period. Going through libraries for more details is tiresome and sometimes might not offer updated information (Campbell, & Monk, 2015).

The photo bellow presents the determined and focused nature of students. They all appear calm and into whatever they are typing and working out on their laptops. This kind of concentration comes with a photographic memory of information, which makes it easier to remember especially during class tests. Schools that use laptops are hence bound to do better than those using books alone (Gatys, Ecker & Bethge, 2015).

In conclusion, the picture represented well the event of introduction of laptops to primary schools which has positive implications. Laptops give the young minds more reasons to enjoy and love studies. The phot presents a good classroom situation that shows the more reasons to opt for laptops in the younger generation.


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