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Published: 2021-06-23
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The term Activism is very common in the world today as it can be heard in nearly every country. Activism refers to a politically motivated movement that mainly aims at expressing views against oppressions and some other wrongdoings. Online activism comprises of proactive actions to attain a certain objective or of responsive actions against controls and the authorities commanding them; it has a sole goal or objective of improving the society as a good place for everybody. It does this by ensuring that is promotes and supports economic, social and political reforms; this involves writing letters to the political class or the highest authorities of the land wherever they are taking place. Some take the direction of protests in case their diplomatic efforts are ignored or disregarded. They can also involve boycotts in order to create a crisis until things become difficult so that their grievances can be taken into consideration.

The election of President Donald Trump was considered as the greatest current threats to many forms of activism in the United States. This is because, over the campaign period, the possible trump administration showed that trump had an intent to violate civil rights, and at the most minimum terms ever, Trump will make it easier for other people to violate civil rights. Moreover, no excluded, marginalized, discriminated against, or struggled, and or protected group or individual is safe from what Donald Trump is planning to do or has already done.

Before the election, there were several women who came forth to accuse Trump of sexually harassing them. In fact, those claims were made before the second presidential debate. As such, it showed that Trump was likely to violate more woman rights. Based on that previous account, any presidential candidate who was accused of such remarks was likely to lose the election. It led to the formation of various women activist who protested against the Presidency of Trump. They argue that if Trump were elected, he would not be able to address various challenges that the women were facing. For many years, the women have formed various civil rights movements to fight for their right. In 1962, after successful protesting for more than two centuries, the women were fight allowed to vote. The process of women liberation has been a topic of concern for several centuries. As such, most of the women believed by electing Hillary Clinton; she would be able to sue Trump in her capacity as the president to address those allegations against him.

Activism has also played a crucial role in economic change. In the past, many companies which were mostly monopolies were exploiting the consumers through increasing their prices. The government was very reluctant to address such policies due to the huge profits they were making. It is evident that such companies tend to pay high amount of revenue to the government. However, through activism, the people were also to present their complaints. As such, it led to the government subsiding some of the prices of those commodities to make it affordable to the local citizens.

In terms of environmental, activism has played crucial role in shaping our society. For many years, certain companies were known to pollute the environmental as they releases certain harmful chemicals into the atmospheres. As such, those harmful substances might comprise of carbon dioxide which is likely to increase the formation of ozone layer. In fact, it is established that the reason as to why there issues of global warming has not been addressed is due to the impact for such companies. Various activist have tried to protest as a way of showing solidarity on matters relating to environmental pollution. Some of their protests have been successful as in the United States; the government was able to pass various policies which were against pollution by various companies.

It is evident that activism plays an important role in our society. Through such measures, the government has been able to address various challenges that a certain marginalized group is experiencing. It is evident that through the many activisms that the country is experiencing, Trump would have no option but to review some of those policies.

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