Educational Statement: Demonstration Motivation to Succeed

Published: 2021-07-14
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University of Richmond
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A great author once said that each great dream that leads to great success starts with a dreamer. He additionally said that the power and the passion for achieving our goals come from within which is also required to make a change in our world. My passion has always been to engage in fulfilling outdoor activities such as fishing, target shooting, bullet reloading, and archery. I believe when I do the things I love it is when I have attained the highest level of self-actualization. For this reason, I have decided that after high school I would like to join a career that will allow me to explore outdoor venture. It will be my please to secure an admission for Heavy Equipment Operator Certification at Heavy Construction Academy (HCA). As a child, I have always been amazed by the mechanics of Heavy machine such as bulldozers and cranes, and now it is my chance to learn how to use them.

I am 18 years of age, I have completed my high school education, and as an adult, it is time to find a career that can meet my passion, and allow me to make an honest living. I have noticed that most youth persons are ignoring blue collar jobs, a situation which is contributing to the increasing unemployment rates across the world. I am a person who prefers to move in waters that other people fear sailing up since I understand that my success is just outside my comfort zone. I know my worth, and I have decided that I am going to redefine it time after time and that other people opinion is only entitled to themselves. Some of my friends heard about my plan to learn on using the heavy machinery and laughed that I was weird. However, that did not derail my ambition, and that is why I am applying to join your institution to pursue my dreams and come out a refined Heavy Equipment Operator.

I have conducted a personal search on Heavy Construction Academy (HCA), I have noted that it is the only institution that can offer me with what I need. For instance, some institution allocates a single machinery to more than ten students, at HCA I realized the trend is different. Each student gets machinery to practice which creates enough opportunity to train and refine the skills. While pursuing my black belt in Kenpo Karate, I almost quitted due to the very skilled opponents. I decide that I have to get the black belt even if it meant training each day extra three hours after regular training. In three months I became the best in our team and earned the belt. I am a hardworking person, and if admitted to the institution I guarantee to excel with flying colors. I understand that discipline is a prerequisite for success to occur, and I am willing to commit to coming out a qualified Heavy Equipment Operator from HCA.

In conclusion, HCA is my choice, and nothing will get better until I have earned my certificate in Heavy Equipment operation. My family supports me tremendously, and I do not intend to fail them. At the institution, I will have one goal of success, and that will happen if you admit me to your school. Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

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