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Published: 2021-07-02
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The value of education cannot be underscored and is one of the fundamental things that I have properly understood since my tender age. Neither of my guardians, siblings, and parents has made it through college, since they never had such an opportunity and went through many struggles in both their personal and professional lives as a result of this. They made great commitments in the early stages of my life and sacrificed everything just to see me rekindle the lost hope in their dying spirits. This they did all in their lives just to ensure that they instilled in me the love of education and adequate understanding of what dedication and hard work do to an individual.

A question that all high school seniors crumple with is: what type of college are you looking forward to joining? It is no doubt, however, that such a question would not bemuse anyone. My path is quite the different type as far as the norms of progress and success is concerned. I am the kind of student who was born and raised in abject poverty and persistent struggles of life as my family came to the realization that life below the dollar a day was but part and parcel of them. As such, going by the first few insights, one would quickly get to the idea of what kind of pre-primary and post-primary school I attended. My school was characterized by a lack of stability due to on and off stay in the school. The balance between complacency and resilience was almost untenable. I had both internal and external conflicts within me, all these being dictated by the prevailing conditions of the time. Living in deplorable conditions and having to balance between the thought of such a situation and academics, the weak-hearted are sure to despair. The whole scenario is not only scary but also it becomes very challenging. , I did not believe luck but sheer hard work. Any secret to a savory tale lies in the manner in which the flavor is packaged.

As long as I can remember, I have always dreamt of being an engineer. I have been in charge of repairs and maintenance of refrigerators, and other coolers as well as driers. While in high school, I also took part in many clubs. These I believe, are the signs of a good thing to happen. To attain my goals, I came to the realization that it was important that I attained at least a college degree.

Because of their undying love, sacrifice and commitment, I had to adjust and suit the bill, ensuring that I was able to commit and devote my time as well as the energy that was necessary for the accomplishment of my academic endeavors although money was and remains an issue. In my senior, I tried my best to be on the top of the class as I believed in hard work. Besides concentrating on my studies, I also partook of other activities such as being a tutor and also partook of part time placement job to help raise my school fees.

My family, having granted me the opportunity to focus on my education, after much sacrifices from their end, I went through my primary and secondary education and this is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate my commitment by showing them how hell-bent I am to becoming the first person in the family to have attended college, even though I am in dire need of financial assistance so as to be able to pursue my course in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). When I land this grant, I am sure that I will make a significant difference through ensuring that I apply the same diligence and commitment to my collegiate studies and attain the best grades for a better future prospect.


My love and passion for the career I settled for is driven by the fact that my family and friends liked and approved of it. I have had the opportunity of getting to work while on industrial placements, and this has inculcated in me the culture of hard work, focus, and objectivity in life.

After all, life should not be seen as a dreary winter season, rather, it should be an instrument of satisfaction derived from the saxophone solo or happiness that comes with the company one has and the environment in which they dwell, the learning environment. As a matter of fact, it is fair to say that it is the enthusiasm and resilience of a biology teacher that makes them have the best grades among their students, a clear demonstration that hard work pays.


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