Does a Political Christian Conviction Exist?

Published: 2021-07-01
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In the past, people were very much into Christianity and acknowledged all the Ten Commandments in the Bible. Today most Christians called upon will not even list even four of the commandments. In our societies, in the olden times, practices such as divorce, homosexuality, and adultery were highly condemned. Practices like abortion was a violent act; people respected the community officials to greater morals and ethical levels. In the present domain we are, many of the conducts that the culture once considered immoral is protected as an immutable public right. The strong Christian influence and scriptural levels, which improves Western culture and the society at large has given credit to non-belief and moral doctrine. The scarce vestiges of Christianity in our beliefs are at the top vulnerable and conceding, and to a progressively pagan community, they are cultic and inexplicable. Pastor Jean who opts to preach an apolitical gospel in an area that is surrounded by the slumlord, where he finds one of his flocks Mrs. Smith who challenges him of having a conversation with the Slum Lord. Mrs. Smith stops to be a follower of Pastor Jean because her plea was turned down. This kind of faith based on the political interest of the Church rather than the spiritual word of the gospel makes Christians choose the place of worship that suits their interests.

Pastor Jean's refusal suggests that if one is a loyal person of whichever faith, life is the way. The Christian faith of a person should not be a secluded activity that one can be among various non-church activities. The faith of Mrs. Smith should be the very sight through which she sees all and it, all the same, informs all the facet of her life. Mrs. Smith should isolate her faith from any field of life by allowing her mind to work independently from her circulatory system. Her idea of leaving Pastor Jean's church and joining one that holds a conversation with Slum Lords was not the best decision about her faith. Christians view and separate their time between a divine life and normal life and believe that God is comfortable the actions. The kind of thoughts makes some believers to attend church for some hours and more hours perform offensive actions outside with no concern. Individuals who rebuke Christians for being political they do not understand the teachings of Jesus, and actions. He was of the same measures gentle peculiar and rebellious community innovative. Jesus offered equal time to change people's hearts and to restore social configurations. Like for the case of Mrs. Smith, if she tries to embrace on a particular aspect, she t the risk of forming and duplicating an imitation of Jesus. Jean's preaching does not separate people of the community but brings them together to eradicate poverty, violence and bigotry, avoidance of war and promote equality among people. Jesus encouraged people on the advantages of one's individual spirituality by assembling people in the society to publicly answer back to the inequalities in the world.

To summarize, a Christian or not, one's faith does not require to be another's faith. Therefore, Mrs. Smith should not think that faith to exist where she believes it is necessary to be to make her feel comfortable. If an individual is a Christian and feels that he or she can be politically impartial, therefore he or she is not yet completely saturated by the teachings of Jesus Christ. Just like Pastor Jean who is not moved by the approach of Mrs. Smith, instead, she handles the situation spiritually and stands by her faith. Like Jesus was identified as positively politician by mixing with the tax collectors and the have-nots, but he was also the welfare scheme for the poor through providing them with food.


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