Divorce in Today's Society - Essay Example

Published: 2021-08-15
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Today the numbers of divorce cases have increased compared to decades ago and have become a prevalent issue of concern. The social change has brought in freedoms in such a way that if it did not work in marriage, the attitude then was to move on. Divorces impact an individual social life to a great extent. In instances of divorce, the much affected are the children who face factors like stress, depression and less attention from their parents. It, in turn, changes the children kind of social life, for example, some turn out to be rebels and associate with high crime risk factors. According to internet articles by Howard Becker, it explores how crimes tend to be socially constructed. Howard Becker argues one's conduct of Deviance as not only due to the person being uniquely different but a product of reactions from the society to the person's actions. It, therefore, explains as to why such children from divorced families tend to be the product of society reactions that maybe could have had them stigmatized of their state leading to their rebellious actions. Howard Becker article puts across illustrations that crimes happen to be socially constructed. In the fact that in neighborhoods of low-income such divorce cases tend to be on the rise dependent on the economic pressures from the families. The social construction comes in when an individual is criticized from the label of the public for lacking the ability to raise his/her family; the man or woman might end up getting a divorce as a result. The children get affected, and probabilities are that they may get to engage in robbery crimes to meet their needs.

With more divorces cases happening today as a result of factors like cheating, disagreements, or one parent is lacking time to spend with his/her family among others. It has resulted in the divorce definition by most people changed. Others implied divorce as freedom while others thought of it as an additional factor for it following reasons that were severe like drunkenness or mental cruelty. The change in definition expected to bring in more emotional satisfaction in the new parental or marital roles and marriages as well as increased perceptions on alternatives to instances of unhappy marriages. In relation to these particular pressures on divorce from the Robert Merton internet article, it explores of the functional analysis in relation to today cases of divorces in society. He questions of strain theories to be linked with divorce as it is ones blockage to a certain success probably a lower social economic status that would lead them to delinquency. From the functional analysis it implied society as a unit with interrelated parts working together, Merton ideas maintained the idea of functionalism referring to beneficial implications of people's actions. It explains when a society starts questioning, for instance, a certain marriage that has experienced a divorce for instance which has resulted to a single mother upbringing to a child, and it impacts the children even more to becoming rebels thus indulge in crimes. Robert Merton puts it across that the aspect of functions to society is that it maintains it as equilibrium and on the other hand dysfunctions for example of criticisms from society consequently harms the community undermining its overall balance in the long run.

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