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Discussion of classical Sonata form with one musical example

Classical Sonata form gets construed as an organized structure grounded in contrasting musical ideas. It was also one of the most dramatic and influential musical structure. It existed in the classical era. Sonata forms consist of at least three sections which include the exposition, recapitulation, and development. An example of the classical form is the concerto (Beethoven's Chamber Music in Context, 3).

Question 2

Discussion of the music of Beethoven, his heroic approach, the role of audience and the use of classical form with the inclusion of one of his composition as a guide

Beethoven music bridged the classical and the Romantic period. His heroic approach to music gets argued on the creation of the large and extended architectonic musical structures incorporated with the complex inclusion of musical materials, motifs and themes. He majored in the use of modulation to enhance the change of feeling of the home keys (Beethoven's Chamber Music in Context, 5). The main role of his audience got based on playing the listening since he was deaf. He used the classical form in the composition of Sonata and Symphony No. 9, which got regarded as the one of the greatest musical achievement during the classical era. The imaged can be used as a guide concerning his composition.

Question 3

Discussion of Haydn and Patronage system with the inclusion and of the implications on the development of classical form and his use of consistent musical ensemble

Haydn gets construed as an Austrian composer during the classical era. He was the court musician for the wealthy Esterhazy family, a place where he practiced and developed his career in music. According to one James Webster, the personality in the discussion excelled in most of the musical genre and known to many as the father of symphony. His musical enlightenment is what gave birth to the existence of the patronage system. The system involved music and composers working as the servants to powerful noble people. They wrote and performed writing and pieces for their patrons (Beethoven's Chamber Music in Context, 6). The implications on the development of the classical form together with Haydns use of consistent musical ensemble ensured that the patronage system made sense although there were also challenges which got encountered.

Question 4

Description of Baroque musical style and one composer with the composition as the reference

The musical style got characterized ornamental decorations. These informed of the use of decorative art in the use of ornamentation which ensured embroider of melodies. An example of the musical composer of the time is Monteverdi. His composition got noted Operas Orfeo.

Question 5

Description of classical musical style and one composer and composition as reference

The style got characterized with a lighter texture than that of the Baroque. It also had less complicated. Most of the emphasis got laid on grace. An example of classical composer gets founded on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. One of his compositions is the Paris Symphony.

Question 6

Discussion of Mozarts Don Giovanni and its innovation and the compositional element that makes them monumental works of art and how they are cyclical

Don Giovanni gets construed to go past the operatic considering his emergence in the Mozarts opera. The primary innovation in Mozarts opera gets noted on the music he incorporated in the drama, fantasy adventures, intermezzos and the private allegorical performances among other innovative issues found in the drama. The operas fused together in Don Giovanni are the opera buffa and opera seria. The opera was controversial musically and politically based on the themes which were presented.

Question 7

Discussion of Beethoven's 5th or 9th symphonies (your choice). What compositional elements make them monumental works of art and how are they cyclical.

The Beethovens 5th symphony is more common among the individuals who would not say that they are the classical music fans. The mentioned meant that there preference got directed to other non-classical works. The elements which make the 5th symphony are the monumental works and the other new packed Beethoven. It became cyclical when its review was written by E.T.A. Hoffman.

Question 8

Description in detail the fugal form and highlighting the exposition as well as the points discussed in class

Fugal in music gets construed as a piece of music created by the recurrence of a similar theme I the amorphous voices. It also entails the strict conformity to the imitation laws in music. In consideration of the exposition fugal are written based on the definite number of voices but the famous four get based on the following. The first one is Alto, bass, tenor and lastly sprano (Kahn, 9).

Question 9

Description of oratorio

It refers to the large scale composition of music based on a secular subject. The subject mainly majors on single voices, chorus and orchestra. The oratorio text basically get based on on scripts introduced by the soloist (Kahn, 7). Lastly, the scripts gets perused over by an accredited producer who ensures that the right for performance is guaranteed.

Question 10

Comparisons and contrasts of opera seria to opera buffa.

The major similarity is that the operas were musical. An example gets noted on the Evita. On the part of the contrast, opera seria is dramatic while buffa is comedic. For example in the case of Don Giovanni, the part of opera seria got dramatized while that of buffa involved humor to bring the comic nature (Kahn, 2).


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