Differences and Similarities of Bath, Northanger Abbey, and Fullerton Villages

Published: 2021-07-30
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The novel Northanger Abbey is a great fiction of the nineteenth century. Jane Austen authored the novel, which has influenced generations. The author showed expertise and the highest level of creativity after she author the fiction story. For example, the author has shown her love for threes in three ways. First, the author featured three sets of children, second he featured three families. Third, the activities in the book take place in three different locations. Jane Austen revealed the three places where most of the actions in the novel took place as Northanger Abbey, Bath, and Fullerton. Most readers of the novel find it a difficult thing to understand that the novel as a science fiction. The author of the great novel was creative and therefore articulated the three locations in the text to appear a real-life situation. From a personal point of view, reading the text creates an impression that the three locations existed and that Jane Austen experienced the life in the different places. The three locations that hosted the numerous activities in the text are Fullerton, Northanger Abbey, and Bath. Reading the novel critically reveals the fact that the activities in the novel define the settings of the story. However, the focus of this essay is the similarities and differences of the three locations, which include Northanger Abbey, Fullerton, and Bath.

The similarities and the differences of the three locations hosting the actions of the characters are apparent when analyzing the characters traits of each actor. The author does not specify the year that the actions in the play occured. However, the activities in the novel take place in the 19th century in England. The characters in the novel are relatively wealthy and are resident of the three locations Northanger Abbey, Bath, and Fullerton. Catherine compares the nature of life in her home Fullerton and the life in Henrys home Woodston. It is apparent that Catherine praised the domestic and the country life. While comparing the life in Fullerton and Woodston, Jane Austen says Now there was nothing so charming to her imagination as the unpretending comfort of a well-connected parsonage, something like Fullerton, but better, Fullerton had its faults, but Woodston probably had none, (26,16). The statements bring a distinction between the bad and the good things in both Fullerton and Woodson. In the text, the authors describe Fullerton has full of faults while depicting Woodston as a better place.

The different actions of the actors had better depict the nature of the location. For example, an analysis of the living standards of the characters in Bath distinguishes it from the locations such as Fullerton and Northanger Abbey. Bath is depicted as a high society and urban life. The life and the activities of Catherine depict a life of comforts and high standards of living in Bath. It is apparent from the novel that most characters accessed Bath because most of the activities took place in the location. Some of the activities that characterize Bath and differentiate it from Northanger Abbey and Fullerton are free to socialize, and opportunities to adventure. Bath is also unique of three locations in the text because both the bad and the good activities take place in the location (Austen, 2015). The narrator says between the English, she believed, in their hearts and habits, there was a general though unequal mixture of good and bad (15, 14).Catherine states that socialization is not possible in Fullerton where us Bath harbor all kinds of activities. Some of the activities that characterize the life of Catherine in Bath includes going out for play, carriage rides, meeting with eligible men, going out for shopping, and meeting new people. Considering the many activities happening in Bath, it is an indication of developments in the surrounding society. The location such as Northanger Abbey depended on the activities in the Bath to become significant in the text (Austen, 2015). For example, Catherines socialization in Bath landed an invitation to visit Northanger Abbey.

The inhabitants of Bath acquires information faster as compared to the location such as Northanger Abbey and Fullerton (Austen, 2015).In the text, it is apparent that Catherine was a subject of interesting rumors that spread to Fullerton and Northanger Abbey. The information sharing in Bath is faster following the fact the fame of major characters would spread across the borders of the village. In normal situations, mobility allows sharing of information and increases the level of socialization. As compared to both Northanger and Fullerton, Bath has the characteristic of an urban setting. In the text, the author describes Bath as an urban area where people from different location visit frequently. While at Bath Catherine was able to interact with many strangers. The author depicts Bath as a place full of interactions. For example, the frequent interactions between Catherine with new people were the reason for her popularity in the region. The author applauses Bath as the location that prepared Catherine to cross to Northanger Abbey.

On the other hand, Northanger is distinct from Fullerton and Bath.

In the text, Northanger Abbey serves different functions such as parental tyranny and a location inhabited by persons in the upper class. The author depicts Northanger Abbey as an imaginary construct and a place that led Catherine into a great confusion. In this case, Catherines visit to Northanger led her to confusion. Comparatively, Bath was not entirely friendly for Catherine because she encountered many misunderstandings and mishaps (Austen, 2015).However, Northanger Abbey has a good environment for learning since Catherine grew up in the location and experienced livelong lessons. The environment in Northanger Abbey supports the acquisition of knowledge and physical growth. It is apparent from the text that Catherine left Northanger Abbey when she was mature both physically and intellectually. In the text, the author describes Catherine as a mature individual at the time she left Northanger Abbey for Woodston.

The life of Catherine in Northanger Abbey and that in Bath show similarities and differences in the same proportion. The two locations are similar in that the inhabitants in the two locations are the upper class. In the text, it is apparent that while Catherine was in Bath, she interacted with many people and therefore learned many lessons that changed her life. The author describes the life of people of Bath as adventures, full of plays, and outings for shopping. In the process, the residence of Bath learns many lessons for their visits to various places. In the same way, life in Northanger Abbey is a place of comedic adventures (Austen, 2015). The comedic adventures in Northanger Abbey allow social interaction and the respective learning. In the text, the author describes Bath as a place where many activities take places. Besides, the people living in Bath and Northanger are of high social class. The people living in the two locations can afford travels and tours into different places thus facilitating learning. For example, Catherine describes how she has been going for shopping, meeting new people, and socializing with strangers. Jane says If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad. The statement implies that women need to adventure because there is no option.

However, Fullerton and Woodson are similar in specific dimensions. There is little time for outings in Fullerton because of it are a place for settlement. Additionally, Woodson and Fullerton is a place that few people access and therefore there are limited interactions. There are limited outings and social interaction among the residents in Fullerton reduces the chances for learning. Catherine and Henry left for Fullerton once their love was mature and they were ready for settlement.

In conclusion, the three locations compare and contrast in different aspects. Bath and Northanger Abbey have many similarities and few differences. Some of the similarities include; both locations are good for adventures and life lessons. The inhabitants of the two locations are people of higher class compared to other locations such as Fullerton and Woodston. Bath and Northanger Abbey are locations full of adventure. Fullerton is regarded as the least among the three locations because it is a place of fewer activities, interactions, and learning.


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