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Published: 2021-06-29
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A person who is dedicated is that someone willing and enthusiastic to accomplish the set targets within a specified time frame. People believe a big portion of life is acclimatized to dedication. One cannot be victorious without dedicating his or her time on events that result in achieving set targets. Thus, one ought to be dedicated for him, or she achieves or succeeds in everything he or she does. This is the same scenario when firefighters risk their lives to save lives and properties of other people from the heavy and hot flames of fire by not acknowledging their end outcome and state of life in the course of containing the heavy fire. People get dedicated to numerous things or events that add value to the life. Such things may include; school, family, sports, friends, hobbies and much more. Thus, for success to be realized, an individual has to dedicate himself fully to whatever he does.

The word dedication is being misused on a daily basis by some many people. This is misusing the word dedication like allowing yourself to score poorly in a straightforward and real test. The word dedication is defined by Webster as the eminence of being devoted to a purpose or task. Hence, dedication should be defined and means more than most people may imagine. Thus, everything that makes a person work willingly without coercion to reach an individual highest level or peak, and achieve hardest goals, objectives, and mission that he or she had set for himself and hence getting committed towards that end means, then this is what is referred to as dedication.

What is dedication? This the kind of question that a lot of people from different quarter ask themselves. To most people and I, inclusive means that a little or big things that cultivate one to be committed and work hard. But other individuals may consider dedication to be something else. Another look at the word dedication as being a noun. When the word dedication is defined as a noun, it is defined as "the act of dedicating or the state of being dedicated." Thus, dedication can be deemed to mean that wholesale commitment to a particular course of action or thought. At the same note, dedication can be defined as a verb. When dedication is defined as a verb, its definition is that act of devoting wholly to a particular purpose or cause; commit wholeheartedly or unreservedly." From the combination of these descriptions, dedication may be referred innermost push and willingness that is unreserved that cultivates one to be committed and work hard. That innermost force that leads one to start thinking that some event or task small and easy goal to grasp is dedication.

That willingness without any coercion to work on something within little time and more effort to reach that one sports goal is dedication. In fact, dedication is more, even way more than what is mentioned in the definition. Dedication takes much more time to be built upon the objective or goal. Hence this shows how true one is dedicated to himself. Let not dedication be misinterpreted as meaning that act of merely improving the skills and techniques on the ball for once or for a while, or by only practicing. It should be noted that dedication is what one ought to do outside the arena of practicing. The dedication also should be rubberstamped as to mean how seriously, desperately or frantically one is willing and eager to reach those goals or hit the jackpot.

He defines dedication. They define dedication. You define dedication. John defines dedication; he changed his style of life so as to grasp one just goal. Thus, that most crucial goal. Forceful pushing through his beyond limit within himself. All of the success are for himself and will ensure he does anything to achieve the set goal. He makes everything seem to be possible when others deem it to be impossible. He changed mentally, emotionally and physically for good for him to have a grasp of the set goal. He is using the term dedication to substantiate himself and to everyone else who is looking to him that there are no impossibilities. Every difficulty with much dedication can be converted to the possibility if you emotionally, physically and mentally work hard towards turning that impossibility to possibility.

The name of Mia Hamm is a household name. She is remembered as being named as the best player. For her, it was more than the affection of the sport that led her to achieve such a feat. Mia Hamm asserted that she had to set attainable goals that were beyond her reach. She dedicated and motivated herself to grasp her objectives as a sportswoman. Working hard on the game, any challenge and anything that crippled her way led her to achieve those tremendous successes as a player. According to her coach, he said, Mia Hamm entered in Book of Guinness as the youngest teenager to ever to win a gold medal in World Cup. She won gold aged 19 years old.

All in all, Hamm says that you can achieve anything if you can't get yourself dirty and work hard by pushing your body beyond its capabilities to meet the greatest price. Apart from the gold medal in World Cup, other accolades includes being named as "Female Athlete of the year" in the USA. She is recognized by many as one of the greatest sportswomen who accomplished everything through hard work and dedication. Thus, through dedication, one can achieve all the impossibilities.


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