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Published: 2021-08-18
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Trust is one of the most fundamental parts of every human relationship. It holds people together including the leader and the led. It enables the development of cordial relationships between different people and builds a sense of responsibility, accountability, and reliability in different people. The success of one person depends on the trust of others and how various people perceive the individual as trustworthy.

Effective leadership is bound on trust such as in the case of paramount leaders like George Washington. George was able to lead his people because of the trust that people bestowed on him. They followed his ways easily and thus he found them easy to lead. Followers find it much easy to respect their leaders and do as they command in the presence of trust such as in the case of Washington who despite his weaknesses commanded his followers to act in different ways and fight their opponents. Respect is two way and a trustworthy leader is more likely to develop respect for his followers who will, in turn, reciprocate the respect and thus trust their leader.

Trust is bound on four key aspects. These include the aspect of being able, believable, connected and dependability. A leader must be able to act in a given manner and do as his or her followers wish them to do. They should develop goals and objectives that are clear and adhere to the established goals to meet the set objectives. A leader should have all the abilities and energy to perform as the team or the group wishes. He or she should have the interests and the values of the team at hand and thus can guide the team in fighting for their rights as and wherever they need. This would give a sense of direction to the team and guide all the members of the group in cooperating together to meet the set objectives. The second aspect of trust relates to being believable. A trustworthy person and a leader must be believable. The individual should be able, to tell the truth at all times and contribute to the success of the group. The followers of the leader should be able to believe what the leader says and that they should act in accordance with the commands of the team leader.

Trust is also related to the connection. It builds a strong link or connection between people. In the case of a leader-follower relationship, trust builds a link between the two and allows the leader to connect with the people he or she leads. The leader is then able to have a strong command of his followers whereas those following the individual are also able to respect and follow his or her commands. The final aspect of trust is dependability where a leader and a trustworthy individual is dependable and can be relied upon to perform some given task. Followers usually want a trustworthy person as a leader. They also need to depend on the individual or the leader of a direction and a sense of organization. The responsibility of the leader gives them the ability the value to be dependable.

According to the given text, trust is built on the principles of collaboration, effective give backs, unity, steer performance, transparency and the development of both long and short-term relationship. For trust to be built, the follower and the followed should build a positive relationship together. They should be able to assist one another in accomplishing a given task. They should also have an effective giveback mechanism where they need to trust one another and focus on the interests of each and every other person in the relationship. A trustworthy leader should have the interests of the group and help the members of the team to have a clear focus on the objectives of the team.

Trust is also bound by effective performance and unity. As both the leader and the follower trust each other, there is bound to be some level of unity that will allow both groups to trust each other and work towards achieving some given goal. It will guide them in making some key steps in their performance and work as expected. Trust is also bound on both short and long-term relationship and helps both the leader and the follower to work effectively towards a given goal. Finally, for a person to be trusted, they should be transparent and honest. They should always tell the truth to their followers as pertains to their goals and guide them to work towards being successful. The leader must tell both the good and the bad news to their leaders. This would then allow their leaders to make rational decisions that would make them act in the most appropriate manner.

The main drivers of trust are ability, benevolence, and integrity. A trustworthy person must have the ability to build trust and following. They should have a sense of direction and organization such that their followers can always look up to them for direction. They also need to be benevolent. They should show some high level of responsibility and care to the followers to be able to command some level of respect among them. They should take care of their followers and ensure that they are safe always. The trusted individual also needs to have a high level of integrity where they will be able to make effective judgments pertaining to a particular situation that affects them as individuals and the group as a whole.

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