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Published: 2021-08-18
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Although most people overlook the importance of definitions in real life, their importance is unquestionable. For students, definitions constitute a significant part of their school life and examinations. All subjects and courses use definition at one point or another and it is for that reason the concept of definition is interdisciplinary. As an English student, I intend to make the most out of this class by understanding the various forms and approaches of definition. I purpose to acquaint myself with the process of definition and my goal is to get to a level where I can explain a concept to someone purely through definition. Growing up, I realize that most misunderstandings arise from wrong definitions and if I can change that, I can be in a better position to be well understood as well as improve my communication skills. Using Eduardo Porters essay What Happiness Is as a model, this paper is going to define the term love (Porter, Eduardo).

Love is one of the most complex and ambiguous concepts known to man. Consequentially, due to the ambiguous nature of the term, there have been a plethora of definitions in an attempt to shed more light on the same. A lot of people have taken a shot at the definition of love, but none quite captures the intensity, depth, and breadth affiliated with this term. There is a group of thinkers that define love as the mutual attraction between two people. Another group asserts that love is wanting the best for your partner and putting their needs before yours. Some claim that love is the point of connection of two souls while others suggest it is the concept that makes two people one. The different definitions of love can be attributed to the different perspectives of the ones defining it.

Being an intangible thing, love is a very subjective concept. Therefore, although there are common grounds in the definitions, some differ entirely depending on the situation and circumstance. For instance, one who has been dealt with a heartbreak may suggest that love does not exist and the same case applies to one who has been single and lonely for a considerable amount of time. Research has shown that love is affiliated with so many other feelings such as joy, anger, jealousy, fear, comfort, peace, and depression among others; and it all depends with the kind of love (Kwon, Hyuck-mi).

However, it is safe to say that love does exist and despite its intangible and immeasurable nature, its extent can be felt and seen by those who are keen enough. Love is the concept of wanting the best for the other and taking care of their needs as if they were your own. It is the burning desire to see someone happy and even better, to know that you are the reason behind their happiness. Love is caring and sharing your time, space, finances, property, body, and piece of mind with your partner in a way that nobody else does. It is for that reason that love is very specific and jealous is bound to arise when a partner feels cheated. Every human being is unique in their sense and love is the ability to see the special in someone and accept them just the way they are. Love is seeing beauty in someone, not for what they do, not for what they say, and definitely not for what they offer, but in who they are (Sussman, Steve).

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