Critical Thinking Essay on Idea of Globalization by Phillippe Legrain

Published: 2021-08-11
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Critical thinking
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Cultural Globalization is not Americanization, is one of the Phillippe Legrains 2003 article. Mainly in the article, the idea of globalization is precisely not the root as to why American is working hard to spread its cultural influence around the globe. On the other hand, Legrain demonstrates that globalization is being driven and controlled by the rest of world, and America is recognized as one of the small players. Other books that have been written about the topic is Philippe book on globalization and migration and as the title of the article read Cultural Globalization is not Americanization, in most cases this is true, but one of the negative impacts is that the American culture and attraction towards the US, is creating a negative impact.

II. Development

Background II: Some of the Author who is opposing

Additionally, Legrain shows that it is a myth that globalization is part of the imposition of the uniformity of Americanized, rather than experiencing the explosion of cultural exchange.some of the authors who have opposed Legrain include Mehdi Hasan, who has challenged him on whether immigration is becoming a danger to the western identity and the general global impact.

Background II: Some of the authors who are supporting

Notably, some of the authors that have supported the Legrain ideas include Viktor Orban and Nigel Farage who have talked about the open political economy that has been defending and advancing the liberal societies. Victor Orban ascertains that being open to the world open progress and open everyone in the community.

Development II: list of evidence

Notably, Philippe Legrain essay dispels the myth that both products and American culture are dominant in most countries globally. Ideally, this is the reverse. When American is dressing up, we tend to choose Armani, Versace, Gucci, Hermes, Chanel, all products from France and Italy. It is important also to note that the music we choose to listen to is also from different corners of the globe, with famous artists such as Beatles.

Evaluation of each position

Comparatively, foreign actors are present in nearly every movie that is acted, with the foreign actors being dominant and are serving to take control of the movies.,This shows how America has gained serious authority and in any case, they can contribute negatively, then the world will be destroyed through immigration and can be supported by the impact of immigration by Mehdi Hasan. Additionally, the big production agencies such as the Columbia Pictures and Universal are as well foreign owned.

Even though Hollywood is the most celebrated producer of blockbuster movies internationally, it just happened that the Hollywood is one of the international industries that just happened to be existing in America. According to Victor Orban, making the world to be an open society is essential is sharing different culture and hence the impact of various cultures will prevail.

My position

I support the Legrains point of view, bringing the idea that America is by forces trying to assert its value and culture around the globe is illogical. The globalization of the world is in its case providing freedom of access and that of trade. Through various tactics used by America, it identifies itself as a small player when it comes to playing the role of globalization, with little desire to pushing its values onto other countries and even individuals.

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