Critical Thinking Essay on Family Management Style Framework

Published: 2021-07-14
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Critical thinking
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Family Management Style Framework entails a family's duty of care to respond to a disease and various circumstances of health care. The framework is a strategic management response that family's apply to respond and integrate the management of a sick family member into their daily living and schedule (Coolbrandt et al., 2016). The styles include thriving, accommodating, enduring, struggling, and floundering. The management will depend on how the family members identify with the situation. In addition, they will consider working out how they make out the effects of the health status in the home (Mendes et al., 2017).

With your family as case study, apply the Family Management Style Framework

My wifes mother has breast cancer and is currently under care and receiving chemotherapy. Her condition has brought in a mixed response in my family. However, in spite of her condition, the family is thriving and views her condition through the lens of normalcy. Observing her positive response to the treatment and care gives me and my wife confidence and hope in managing and incorporating her condition in our daily lives. Despite the challenges, we are committed to helping her regain her health and live a productive life.

Managing the Situation

Thriving: Personal nutrition plays a critical role in our management abilities. For example, we ensure that she takes three whole meals in addition to liquids and drugs as prescribed by the doctor. We also add nutrient dense beverages in her diet for proper nutrition. We also ensure that she attends her chemotherapy as scheduled and do her physical exercises on a regular basis. Above all else, we ensure that she is attended to by a doctor in case of any all signs such as physical fatigue fever, and loss of appetite.

Perceived Consequences

Thriving and Accommodating: As a family, we are keenly and consciously aware of the responsibility of having my wifes mother amidst us. With our counseling, guidance, and teaching, she can take her daily medicine, physical exercise, and recommended meals. She is consciously aware of her responsibility to stick to the recommended lifestyle with a large focus on safety and emotion care.

If you are single, discuss your family of origin.

My family and siblings gave me much support, love, and guidance. Over the years, I have developed a sense of duty and responsibility towards self. I value my siblings a lot in all aspects. We have unique coping strategies in coming to terms with the challenges life exposes us to in various circumstances. The situation helped me to develop good parenting values to our immediate and distant family members.


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