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Published: 2021-06-25
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Structural frame

A frame is a set of ideas represented in a prism that allows people to see and understand what goes on in the daily lives. The structural frame is an organized structure that depicts how an organization works. A chart can be used to represent this structure and forms a hierarchy. It can be in the shape of a pyramid with listed authorities from the bottom to the top. The top names are small compared to the ones at the bottom. It is a chart of many images that reflect in the structural view. They are much deeper to develop with versatile ways to assist in understanding the social architecture.

The correct structure outlines a sound basis in combating the risks of the individual and the faults in the hierarchy. The frame has several assumptions. It assumes that the organization exists to achieve outlined goals and its efficiency enhances the performance through specialization and division of labor. The basis of the other assumption is on the personal agendas and pressures. The structures fit the organization's current circumstance and that the problems are as a result of structural deficiencies. Analysis and restructuring offer a solution to the problems.

The human resource frame

This frame centers on the people in an organization and their roles. Reframing organization wants highly motivated employees who will offer their best. Smart managers are innovative and establish the best ways to manage the people within an organization. They bring high involvement practices that build and retain the talented employees. It shows the interpersonal relationships and the competitive strategies for managing relationships. The frame explains the dynamics that make or break a team. It shows the bad relationships in the workplace and how it affects the activities of the workplace. The human resource frame also highlights the interpersonal skills between competitive employees in the organization. Withdrawal or absenteeism will show the lack of motivation of the employee.

The political frame

Politics is a threat to an organization's effectiveness. It represents the realistic process decision making and the allocation of resources. The underlying issues of politics involve the power, ethics, and conflicts. The internal setting of the agendas, negotiation, coalitions and networking offer the principles of moral judgment. This frame outlines the organization as coalitions of individuals and interested groups. They show the differences in values, interest, and power. The most important aspect of this frame is the decisions of the organization. The other interest is the how they work through their differences. The political frame of the organization will show the negotiation of the goals among the stakeholders. Power demonstrates the potential ability to influence the outcome and the behavior of people.

The symbolic frame

The organization symbols and culture outline the myths, rituals, ceremonies and stories in an organization. They show that members of an organization have the power of building a culture that either forms or breaks the relationship. It centers on the ways humans make sense of disordered workplace and faith in the primary concern. Symbols can be useful in representing the oppression and patriotism of the employees in a work environment. The cultural practices display the way things are in the institution. Demonstrations will show a state of unrest while the ceremonies represent unity. Evidently, there are many activities in the organization such as strategic planning and evaluation. Symbolic actions are components of the everyday life, and they offer solace in tribulations and stimulate energy in the triumph moments. The culture of an organization influences both positive and negative reactions. Analyzing the symbols will demonstrate the feelings of the staff members and will show when there is a state or unrest or peace.


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