Comparison Between Freedom Rising and the Three Malaises - Essay Example

Published: 2021-08-11
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Charles Taylor's book explains the importance of authenticity.The book addressed the worries that are termed as the malaise of modernity.The first malaise explains the loss of meaning and how the moral horizon is fading, the second malaise explains end's eclipse in instrumental reason face and the last malaise talks of loss of freedom. Freedom rising addressees the increase of human power through emancipation and state that the value of emancipation emphasizes on freedom of choice and equality of opportunities which directs to social justice issue.

The Similarities

The main motive of this two text is to address the issue of freedom and liberation. Freedom rising book talks about the human need for freedom and desire to be emancipated and how an individual can free from domination. It talks about human empowerment and suggests that it is pervasive and it transforms the world in a coherent and multiple ways. The book suggests that the value of emancipation emphasizes on freedom of choice and equality of opportunities. Similarly, Taylor's book explains the three malises that address individualism of freedom, the eclipse of the end and Political level, the consequences individual's political life and the instrumental reason, which seek to explain the loss of freedom meaning.


Freedom rising book, suggests the need for freedom and emancipation, and how an individual can free from domination and explains the theory on why freedom of human gave way to increasing oppression. Since state invention it goes on to explain why this trends reversed itself recently .whereas Charles Taylor develops critique about the freedom and argues that a lot of people believes that the achievement of freedom is not complete.And that there is a restriction from traditional hierarchy notion, family life pattern, and economic arrangement.

In my view, the main argument of freedom rising is that there ought to be a universal logic on the way human mind copes with conditions that are existential.This logic can be seen as the utility ladder of the freedom.The entire concept is termed as a cycle that rests on the conditions that are existential, institutional regulation and psychological orientation.When the first becomes the better action of society resources, ability to exercise this universal freedom then increases, and people begin to value this free utility, thus leading to motivation that constantly exercises freedom and by cycles of empowerment they, however, become institutionalized.The issue of freedom as discussed above addresses function of social utility. Welzels argues that the ladder of freedom comes from socially shared and not from the individual. This is because universal freedom is termed as reciprocal good which flourishes by mutual recognition since this universal freedom includes other peoples freedom. The book freedom rising explains theories of human freedom the author argues that this freedom gave ways to increasing oppression and that it leads to expansion of democracy and human rights. This book tests diffusion and growth explanations of universal freedoms thus providing a support theory of emancipation. Emancipative values are argued to be the most important trend which explains and emphasizes equality and free choice.As discussed above emancipation desire is regarded as the origin of empowerment trend of human and explains why and when the desire is the source of democracy and develops to be strong.People lament of western culture slide into nihilism and relativism, and other celebrates this trend as liberating progress, but Charles Taylor calls on us to face political and moral crises and discovers most of the challenges of modernity.The understanding of three malaise leads us to implicate into a dialogue with other people, leading to authenticity plea of spirituality. The two texts illuminate on the topic as both seek to understand freedom and society development through explaining emancipation and the three malaises.


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