Compare and Contrast Essay on Travel Agencies: Hays Travel and Premier Travel

Published: 2021-06-23
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Travel agents arrange and book accommodations, flights and holidays for travellers in the UK and also worldwide. They work alongside with the tour operators. A competent traveling agent is required to have an Air Travel Organizers' License (ATOL). This report aims towards assessing the extent toward two different travel agencies in the UK and the products and services they offer. Our two organizations are Hays Travel and Premier Travel. Thus, this research will start with a brief introduction of the two agencies, the structure of their booking cycle and the regulatory requirements, and their strategies for growth.

Hays Travel

Hays Travel is the largest travel agency in the UK which has been operating for more than 30 years. They first opened their retail office in Seaham, Co Durham. They have access to a wide choice of tour airlines as well as tour operators, and they aim at giving their customers the best holiday at an affordable price. They have at around one hundred retail shops in the UK with highly experienced travel agents. Their staff gets included in neighbourhood group association that extends all the time, and they have been granted the prestigious Investors in People Gold status. One of their greatest accomplishments is their annexation in the Sunday Times' 100 Best Companies in UK list. The Hays offer their clients an efficient money related security and also assist them in choosing the best ideal occasion. They have trained their staffs who help them accomplish and provide excellent services to all of their customers. Before setting up for a holiday, the Hays agent arranges all additional requirements of their customers like insurance, transfers as well as cars. In each of their branches across the country, they have set up a foreign currency exchange bureau where their customers get commission free currency.

Premier Travel Agent

Premier Travel Agency is a private organization that has been operating for over eighty years. This agency has twenty offices in southern England and East Anglia. They have been working with other tour operates from the UK and other countries to facilitate travels, beach holiday, cruises and city stay. Premier Travel are associates of the ABTA. However, when clients book their travels through this agency, they benefit from the ABTA's Code of Conducts. All their customers get travel protection in the case that there is financial failure in the company.

At Premier Travel and Tours, engage and offer quality travel administration programs with adaptability to suit the different needs of their customers. The important thing that these agents focus on is the Client Management. Their well-disposed and profoundly experienced travel advisors each offer excellent advice on the travels they offer. They are also prestigious for their services and will go the additional mile to give an ideal administration. Regardless of whether you know what you need for your tour, Premier Travel offers their assistance.

Booking Structure

When booking for a holiday, customers choose a particular package and fill the Request a Quote Form. They may also ask for modified packages and indicate them on the booking form. Booking request is sent through an email and the agents will send you the best prices that will meet your prerequisites through the client's email. When making a booking, the agents will arrange their customers to get into a personal contract with the principal and other suppliers like the airline company as well as the accommodation company. The clients have to confirm their immigration requirements visa and passports with the relevant embassies and also consult health specialists before the departure. Customers can pay a deposit of 10% per person of the holiday cost to confirm their holiday booking. A confirmation invoice is sent to the client right after the deposit is received. The full holiday payments should be in less than three months before departure.

All the clients have the privilege to expect the occasion that they paid and booked. When you find that the destination does not match the Package Travel and Package Tours Regulations 1992, you can claim against the travel agency for pay.

Economic Strategies

Small organizations can grow to large businesses. Nonetheless, this can only happen at a rate of 11% per year. The size of the approaches the ATT has emerged to some degree thus of over-exchanging. Almost 1million of the small organizations led to a get off the truck of SBAs who held appointments for more than 500 travellers. Once more, this focuses on a need to change the administrative system for small ventures. For example, maximizing financial assessment of the smaller organizations helped determine whether a given firm was economically stable to have the ATOL. The postulation of these travel agencies in the raising of revenue demonstrated productive decision. The Hays Travel Agency has extended their items, promoting and innovation inside the travel working business, which now envelops Hays Cruise and Hays Travel Tour Operating, as clients keep on exploring intriguing areas outside Europe.


The travel agencies in the UK play a significant role in tourism and economic growth. They as well facilitates efficient traveling worldwide giving their clients regular services. The majority of tour operators and airlines now operate ticketless travel where client have an e-ticket for travel sent to them via email.


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