Compare and Contrast Essay on St. Lukes Episcopal Church and the LaGrange Church

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Description of St. Lukes Episcopal Church and Cemetry, Merrit Island

This church was formed by the Porcher, Sams, and LaRoche as well as the families that resided on North Merritt Island after migrating out of North Merritt because they had lost their plantations and homes during the civil war. Therefore, the church was built to be a unifying factor and a remembrance that they have come to their rescue after the tragedy that befell them. The first service that was conducted in the church was in 1879 and was in a store building on the bank of the Indian River (Stanton, 1844). A lot of people contributed their donations for the completion of the building. The channel is still used to date to handle special services and mid-week services. The child is very popular within and beyond the borders of Brevard County and is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.


There are some similarities in the architecture of St. Lukes Episcopal Church and the LaGrange Church. The first similarity can be seen in their primary function. Both of the buildings are churches. This means that they were built with the intention to bring different people to the commonplace with the primary goal of enhancing their religion. Both the churches are located close to water bodies, and this shows their similarity. Both the churches are listed as historical sites and are popular even beyond the borders that they operate in. This, therefore, means that the two churches besides being centers for praying, they are also historical sites that attract people from different geographical location together. This also helps the government to earn its revenue.

Another similarity that can be seen in the two buildings is in the architecture. The architectural design of the two buildings is the same. All the buildings are painted in white color. There is a tall peak in both of the buildings pointing towards the heaven. These can clearly be seen by individuals that are even far away. Both the building is in Gothic Revival style (Stanton, 1852). This can be seen from the rectangular base of both the building and the rising peak pointing towards the heaven. Both the building is built in a large compound. This is an indication that the architects that were responsible for building the two historical churches had in mind that they will host a large number of people and therefore the need to create a spacious environment that would create room for many more other activities.

The interiors of both the two churches and the sanctuary are outfitted with a large array of built furnishing and fixtures as well as custom designed materials. The windows that have been used in both the two buildings are made of materials that are durable. This shows a lot concerning the history of architecture in the two locations that they were built. The finishings that are close to modern show that the two places have a culture based on architecture. The roofings of the buildings are made of modern materials which show that the architects of the two places were well developed. Both the two centers were social places as there were people that even resided within the localities. Furthermore, St. Lukes Episcopal Church was built by people who had been displaced from their original land due to wars. This, therefore, means that St. Lukes Episcopal Church was their habitat for some time, a function that was also performed by La Grange Church.

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