Compare and Contrast Essay on Lamb To the Slaughter And A Jury of Her Peers

Published: 2021-08-11
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Married women come with role and responsibilities to carry out such as taking care of domestic affairs. However, not all married women that behave in a decent manner that would regard them as good housewives. This is because their actions sometimes lead to unhealthy consequences. Any injustice action from a woman should be taken care of by law. Stories of Darl lamb to slaughter and Glaspell a jury of her are a clear evidence of what a bad housewife is like as one compares and contrasts their development.

The works of Roald Dahl Lamb to the Slaughter and Susan Glaspell A Jury of Her Peers compare in such a big manner. The two finds housewives who are suspected of murdering their own husbands. The two women plead innocent even before the police as they act in a vulnerable and scared manner. The protagonists and in this case Mrs. Minnie foster and her characterization attracts readers attention of sympathy towards the homicidal maniacs which the author has put across in developing personalities and having an understanding of motives.

Likewise, it is emotional to see how in the lamb to the slaughter a pregnant woman desperately waits for her husband to get back from work and what she receives next is an unusually speechless temperament. Mrs. Maloney is left with no option other than to hit her husband at the head with a frozen leg of lamb after the husband tells her that he wills not to be married anymore. The husband is on the floor and the next thing the wife does is to call the police and informs them of a tragic accident.

Similarly, in A Jury of Her Peers Mrs. Minnie Foster is in jail because she is suspected that she killed her cantankerous husband. However, the motive behind all such actions has to be found by the Sheriff Wright, his wife and Mr. and Mrs. Hale. It is in the midst of their search when Mrs. Hale and Mr. Peter come across a wooden box that had a dead bird inside. This makes them believe that Mrs. Wright did whatever she did out of anger she had towards her livid husband who killed her bird.

Even though the stories have a similar plot, they do contrast in the way they approach characterization either directly or indirectly. For instance, Roald Dahl Lamb to the Slaughter uses a direct approach to describe Mrs. Maloney. Darl, for example, writes Her skin for this was her sixth month with the child- had acquired a wonderful translucent quality, the mouth was soft, and the eyes, with their placid new look, seemed larger darker than ever before (Dahl 1). This is clear that in his work, he defines the character as if he is a narrator who is having a face to face talk with the reader of the story.

However, such case is different in the A Jury of Her Peers where for instance, Mrs. Wright is illustrated in an indirect manner. Take for example how Glaspell writes, She used to wear pretty clothes and be lively--when she was Minnie Foster, one of the town girls, singing in the choir (Glaspell 10). This is evidence that the author uses characters that are from the story to give a description which in this case, is evident and seen in the eyes of another character.

Conclusively, both stories express the creativity that is in Susan Glaspell and Roald Darl. They put any reader in an eloquent and colorful picture of characters in the way they compare and contrast. The option whether to associate with such characters or not who in this case are smiling killers remains up to the mind of the reader. Justice and role of gender have to apply at all cost. If the women are found guilty they should be prosecuted.

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