Compare and Contrast Essay on Hollywood vs Nollywood Film Industry

Published: 2021-07-12
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Films are among the mediums used as a mode of expression of different cultures across the globe. The films differ significantly based on the creativity exploited and the styles. The difference that exists between Hollywood movies and other world films from Africa and Asia started over past century, and even to date, there are unique and distinct traits comparable. City of God film is a good example that shows the difference that exists between the Hollywood movies and African generated films.

The cultural differences that exist between the Africa and West create a divide between the Nollywood and Hollywood movies. In Nollywood, the film targets audience that is culturally rich, for instance the August meeting.' Thus, a Nollywood film is such that it draws interest to an audience that has significant religious beliefs, lacks leisure options and with a more family oriented customs. In this regard, the films are such that they draw interest from various demographic factors including age, social status, the level of education as well as illiteracy levels. As a consequence, Nollywood films covers family action and drama, romance as well as comedy. Contrary, the Hollywood films focus on an audience that is educated, liberal, segmented and westernized regarding sexual content and science fiction. As a result, a lot of film writers in the Hollywood have in the recent upgraded their writing to include more vulgar language, violence, and nudity to make them more attractive to watch. Most of the popularly known films from Hollywood have become famous because of explicit scenes of violence and sex as depicted in the City of God' (Meirelles, 2001). Further, the traditional African movies involved dramatic stories generally with a more emphasis on societal and family values.

In Hollywood, filmmaking has always been the medium of the director, unlike Nollywood where the primary focus is on music, composition, glamor and hence the director acts as a secondary medium. In Nollywood, people buy films because of who is acting on them and not the managers as it is for the case of Hollywood movies. Hollywood concentrates on the quality of the cinematography and direction, unlike Nollywood which puts emphasis on money spent on costumes and new unique and creative plot.

The Nollywood films contain a mix of elements and genres of filmmaking including music, dance, culture, and fantasy. These qualities are the ones that allure the audience to watch and enjoy. On the contrary, in the Nollywood film genres attracts the audience. Also, while Nollywood films target most of the distinct audience with some targeting youths, middle-aged and elderly persons, Hollywood movies target one or few demographics. The genre is an important aspect in the Hollywood as most movies unlike in the Nollywood.

However, some several similarities exist in both film industries. The two industry use direct marketing techniques to promote their films globally, which include actors and directors attending talk shows and press conferences. Also, the two industries over the past years have made a tremendous change in the quality of films produced today compared to the previous ones. Although the production cost of movies at Hollywood is much higher than in Nollywood, the two film industry embraces on the quality of film they produce and have in the recent years invested heavily in producing high-quality films.

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