Compare and Contrast Essay on Ghana Kingdom and Mali Kingdom

Published: 2021-06-23 15:47:16
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Muhammad is the Messenger of God.

Muslims are hard against unbelievers and merciful to one another. Their mark is on their faces, a trace of prostration.

Jewish and Christianity are talked about in the text. The Gospel is mentioned to mean the first five books in the New Testament.

Forgiveness and mighty wage is promised to faithful Muslims.

The woman who chose the orphan child breast fed while the other women couldnt, even their animals did not produce milk. Muhammad is the prophet of God.

Abraham was from the lineage of Adam and Eve from which Muhammad belonged. Jesus was His foster brother.

Brotherhood, morality, chastity, modesty, justice, equality, and accountability.

Both emphasized on the love of God above all other things, the values and virtues associated with living our lives according to Gods authority.

Freedom to all, sanctity of life, equality of all races, justice in front of the law and Allah, womens right and obligations, exploitation and monopoly of others, rights of others,

He encouraged Muslims to love one another despite their color because none is superior than the other only piety and action are what matters.

Men were urged to treat their wives in a good manner and with respect.

He was the last Prophet and none will come after Him. He was warning people against false prophets who would deceive believers.

The Quran and his example, Sunnah.

The kingship is inherited only by the son of the kings sister. Basi the maternal uncle of Tunkan Manin took over leadership.

The kingdom consisted of two towns situated in a plain. One of the towns is inhabited by Muslims and it has twelve mosques. Its environs had wells with sweet water from which they drunk and grew vegetables. Kings town was six miles, a place called Al-Ghaba. There were continuous inhabitation of stone and acacia wood between the two towns. The kings palace had a mosque in which people that came to visit him prayed. Around the kings town are grooves and thickets where sorcerers dwelt. The people around believed in sorcery.

The king was respected, this evident because people who professed the same religion as the king approached him with reverence and sprinkled dust on their heads. The Kings also had special clothing different from his rulers. He also levied people on the goods brought into the country like on every donkey-load of salt, he charged one golden diner and two went it is sent out of the country.

Islam spread in West Africa was as a result of traders who came into the region. They helped convert people into Muslims.

Men did not trace their descent through their fathers but from his maternal uncle, a mans heirs are the sons of his sister only.

Women were not modest in the presence of men. They had men friends and companions among the foreign men. The Islamic community in the other hand believed in the modesty of the women and they expected them not to mingle with men when not married.

Women status was different in West Africa in that they carried themselves immodestly before their husband. They did not follow the Islam teachings to the latter.

In Mali, mans heirs are the sons of his sister only which is not according to the teaching of Quran. Women also freely interacted with men.

They are not good practitioners of Islam. Their female servants and slave girls and little girls appear before men naked their privy parts uncovered. He saw many of them in that state during Ramadan. Women went into the Sultans presence naked and uncovered. Many ate carrion, and dogs and donkeys which is unclean meat according to Quran laws.


In both kingdoms, the kingship is inherited only by the son of the kings daughter. The king was respected in both the kingdoms.

In both kingdoms, Islam was the main religion.

Both kingdoms conducted rituals.


In the Mali kingdom, women were immodest as compared to the ones in the Ghana Kingdom.

Mali Kingdom was peaceful and had no war while the Ghana kingdom was faced with war from the Almoravids.

Mali Kingdom was purely a Islam while the Ghana Kingdom had both Christians and Muslims.


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