Compare and Contrast Essay on Articles: Only Daughter by Sandra Cisneros and I Want a Wife by Judy Brady

Published: 2021-07-26
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In the first article, Only Daughter, the author, Sandra Cisneros, talks about the challenges that girls face in patriarchal societies. She tells of lack of recognition to which such societies females, and lack of recognition that they face. In most of such societies, the boys are given and priority over every matter and they have privilege on everything. After the author, while still at a tender age, realized the challenges of the females, she decided to venture into following her own destiny to prove to her father that even girls, and females in general, are of great importance in the society. She then engages in writing books and articles that earns an international recognition and one of her books become translated and gets the attention of her father. It is after her father acknowledges the great steps she had made in the literary world that she realizes that the society can recognize females importance and efforts in the society from where she gets encouraged to follow her path.

In the second article, I Want a Wife, By Judy Brady, the author sarcastically elaborates the importance of wives in their husbands lives. In her view, she, as a female, feels that she also needs to look for a wife to enjoy the free and compulsory services wives, and relax as her wife carries out all duties and works to please her. The article elaborates the activities that wives do and the many and unending expectations that men have of them. The article outlines the numerous duties that wives have for the children, towards the husband, towards the friends of the husband, and how wives are solely responsible for housekeeping chores. In this manner, Brady posits that wives are misused in marriages, and that all the duties that wives do in homes are bent of satisfying their husbands and that husbands are unappreciative despite the numerous services their wives offer them.


One of the similarities is that both talk about the status of women in the society, and both agree that the female gender is viewed inferior to the male gender. Secondly, both articles advise on the need for the society to acknowledge and appreciate the role of females in the society. Finally, both articles advocate for a change in the society and to encourage equality between the males and females so that both genders can grow equally and realize their own dreams.


One of the differences is that the article, Only Daughter, focuses on the challenges that young girls face in societies as they grow up and how they affect their lives later in life, on the other hand, the article, I Want a Wife, talks about issues facing grown-up women in the societies who are professionals and wives. In this manner, the first article focusses on the challenges of children while the second focuses on adults. The other difference is that the first article, Only Daughter, is based on the beliefs of a patriarchal society while the article, I Want a Wife is based on the beliefs of any society. The final difference is that the first article focuses on challenges girls face as regards to academics while the second regards the challenge that women in professions face in their homes.

Response to Article One

I disagree with the writer of the article, this is because the female gender is appreciated just as the male gender in the current societal make-up. With the changes in systems and globalization, there has been strong women empowerment and the society now appreciates girls just as boys. Every parent is concerned about the education of every child, whether boy or girl, and parents encourage children to make own decisions. Finally, I disagree with the article because parents, in the modern society, give their children the right to choose their own paths and decide whether to marry or not and people to marry.

Response to Article Two

The ideas outlined in the article are a reality in the society, and it clearly shows the truth on the ground. It is factual that wives have been reduced to servants to their husbands and all that they do is to please their husbands with little appreciation from their men. The voice of the wives, as the article stipulates work to encourage equality of marriages and encourage men to listen to the needs of their wives and fulfill their desires too.


From the views of the two articles, there is a need for the society to revisit the issue of gender equality and step up efforts of supporting and appreciating the female gender. In this manner, it is needful to provide a level-playing field for both the genders so as to ascertain that they both flourish and achieve their dreams and live satisfactory lives of their choice.


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