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Published: 2021-06-23
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Flextronics International is among the worlds main suppliers of gadgets plan and hardware fabricating administrations to unique gear makers. The organization basically offers administrations to various markets including correspondences; vehicle, marine and aviation; medical services; and shopper hardware. The organization fundamentally works in Asia and its headquarters is in Singapore City, Singapore with about 100,000 employees. Flextronics International was established in the late 1960s by McKenzie Joe to deliver circuit sheets for Silicon Valley Companies. Flextronics was later sold to J. Sullivan, B. Todd, and J. Watts in 1980, during which the organization started planning and assembling different gadgets and segments in view of client requests and extended its activities abroad. Money related challenges drove the organization to offer its Asian plants, which framed a privately owned business, Flextronics International, Ltd

External environment of Flextronics international (PESTEL)

Political Factor

The political stability and peace enjoyed in Singapore, unlike most Asian countries that experience a lot of upheaval and turmoil has formed a good base and foundation for the growth of Flextronics.

Economic Factors

The financial crisis that has been witnessed across the entire Asian block and the Arab world has taken a great toll on the Flextronics development. This has left most people resorting to cheaper products produced by competitors.

Social Factors

The lifestyle of the inhabitants of Singapore has played a great role in the development of Flextronics. The large population in the Asian continent where most branches are based has offered a wide market for the products of the company.

Technological Factors

With the current global sensitization on technology, most countries and populations have embraced technology leading to the desire to keep abreast with the new advancement. The people have also embraced the technology of the 21st century thereby promoting the products.

SWOT Analysis of Flextronics International


1. More than 100 assembling and more than 25 programming and administration areas all over the world giving economies of scale.

2. Worldwide, coordinated availability in more than 30 nations with OEMs, offer administration incorporated, to give faultless support of its customers

3. Roughly a third of the organization's assembling companies are situated in minimal effort nations like India, Brazil, and China.

4. Pioneer in worldwide procurement and a solid manpower of more than 200,000 and adjusted arrangement of items.


1. High client dependence i.e. a fraction of clients shares for a substantial rate of aggregate deals, this implies high reliance on such clients

2. Lessening in HVS portion could turn out to be a delay the general development of the organization

3. The high number of assembling offices in China vacillations in China will extensively influence its developments.


1. The organization hopes to develop incomes as the equipment market will develop

2. Flextronics' HRS fragment beat the market and the organization hopes for its income from the section to develop considerably.

3. Additional showcasing and brand broadcasting would support worldwide exposure.


The work and different expenses in weak Asian economies have been on the rise creating edge weights for assembling organizations, for example, Flextronics

The high rate of inflation witnessed in most Asian nations where Flextronics has the vast majority of the assembling offices is probably going to pressure on the edges

Store network interruptions brought about by variables outside organization's control like the quake in Japan.



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