Company Analysis Essay on Breadtalk Group Limited

Published: 2021-06-23
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BreadTalk was established as a pastry shop in Singapore around 2000, it was later grouped on the SGX in 2003, and has quickly grown to wind up plainly an honor winning F&B Group that has set up its trademark on the world stage with its pastry kitchen, eatery and food chamber impressions.

Breadtalk Limited is a company that deals in foods and refreshment retailing services including pastry shop, food and nourishment chamber. The organization offers cakes, buns, pastries and bread through its auxiliaries. Breadtalk operates a system of more than 800 branches in 15 regions, for example, Hong Kong-China, Singapore, and the Middle East and works over 10 Michelin Star Din Tai Fung eateries in Thailand and Singapore.

External environment of Breadtalk Group Limited (PESTEL)

Political Factor

The political stability and peace enjoyed in Singapore, unlike most Asian countries that experience a lot of upheaval and turmoil has formed a good base and foundation for the growth of many companies Breadtalk Group Limited inclusive

Economic Factors

3. Episodes like SARS and the financial crisis that has been witnessed across the entire Asian block and the Arab world has taken a great toll on the bread talks development. This has left most people resorting to cheaper products produced locally by home-based bakeries.

Social Factors

The lifestyle of the inhabitants of Singapore has played a great role in the development of the company. The large urban population in the Asian continent where most outlets are based has offered a wide market for the products of the company. The people in towns have a tendency of eating fast foods which are easily offered by the bread talk company.

Technological Factors

With the current global sensitization on technology, most countries and populations have embraced technology. The bread talk company has embraced modern technology in the production and advertisement of its products world over.

SWOT Analysis of BreadTalk Group Limited


1. The company operates a system of approximately 40 retail branches in Singapore

2. Availability of outlets in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Oman, the People's Republic of China, Kuwait, Jordan, India and Bahrain.

3. Offers an extensive variety of cakes, bread, buns and baked goods.

4. Changed the bread bakery business with the boutique pastry shop idea.

5. The company has over 90 auxiliary branches in Indonesia and altogether 700 claimed and diversified pastry shop outlets, nourishment courts, and eateries.

6. A large group of different brands like The Icing Room, Dina Tai Fung, Food Republic, RamenPlay, Toast Box, Carl's Jr and J.Co. Doughnuts and Coffee.

7. Worldwide manpower of over 7,000 representatives


1. The company deals in different brands under one holding yet the brand compatibility are questionable.

2. A considerable measure of huge retail marks like Starbucks and Cheese factory are not included in its brands.

3. Episodes like SARS in and the worldwide financial emergency over the most recent couple of years could genuinely influence the business.

4. Low hindrances to the passage in the portion.


1. Activities confined to the Middle East and Asia. Expanding its services into different nations.

2. Catching a piece of the overall industry in new zones with an established market.

3. Room for diversification into other retail marks in cloth, Fashion, shoes, and so forth.


1. Stiff rivalry from different companies like M.H. Alshaya.

2. Operations subject to controls and strategies of various economies while working in remote nations.

3. The section of new contenders into the same F&B portions or into the quick zones around the company's retail outlets may influence its income.


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