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Published: 2021-07-07
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AT & T is a company in the United States known for the provision of telecommunication services. It has been proven to be the second largest mobile telephone service provider and also the largest provider of the fixed phone services. In 2012, the company was reported to be the 12th largest company in the world, and such an assertion was made after a review of its revenues, profits, assets, and liabilities were evaluated and looked at. The reason for its existence is that it provides the American citizens with the telecommunication services. It creates value by helping people communicate with each other.

The core competency for the AT & T Company is the network or rather the new network that the company is seen to be running as part of their services. This has been proven to be centering all the other strategies the company has been having as most of its competitors have found it difficult to provide such a service (Argenti, 2015). The company is also known to take advantage of the fact that it can master the ecosystem and the evolution that it goes through rather than having competitive advantages against its competitors. The two concepts mentioned above have been proven to be the core competencies of the company that it uses to beat its competitors in the business world. Therefore, we can assert that the core competencies that AT & T uses to arrive at its success include, understanding of the evolution of the enterprise ecosystem across the technology and its suppliers.

The company has been able to move notches higher in the business world, and this is thanks to the right or a perfect employment of technology it has (Argenti, 2015). The company uses technology to come up with a compelling analysis of the market situations as well as the competitors methods. This has made the company stand a better chance of coming up with strategies that counter their opponents or rather competitors moves. Technology has helped the company come up with effective strategies and measures both on the mode of operation as well as marketing thus making it compete its competitors effectively

The company is currently doing well, and that is according to the latest survey conducted to test the performance of the enterprise. However, this could be improved if the company would consider some strategies (Argenti, 2015). The efficiency levels of the organization are known to be good, and the number of customers or rather the consumers complaining about the services they offer is insignificant. Such a finding implies that the company is in a good position and only needs to improve on what is there already (Argenti, 2015). The company would improve its efficiency by employing of the most recent marketing strategies as well as having more of its services provided in more countries other than the United States. That way it would have a system that is more diverse than it had before thus making it efficient.

One of the external forces determining the structure of the company is the market power. The demand for its services has increased over the recent times, and this has made it structure its operation to suit these requirements presented by the customers. On the other hand, one internal factor determining its structure is the leadership or rather the management that is in charge of the company. They are responsible for distribution of responsibilities among the employees and therefore would be responsible for the structuring of the enterprise.

The company has a large number of employees, and therefore its structure could be summarized into two methods of control being employed. The first method entails the output of the teams, and in this approach, achievement of the companys goals are its primary responsibility. Such a method of control is executed in the company has seen the management team keen with the attainment of the objectives. The other method of scrutiny is following the written regulations that explain the operation of the company (Coombs, 2014). Reading of these rules would leave one with apt knowledge of the business, and it is expected that the employee's abuse of this regulation. Under this method of control, each department is deemed with a responsibility that they have to carry out.

The company has one culture that could be described as accommodative. The employees are friendly and willing to interact with their customers. They operate in an official, but friendly manner that leaves most of its clients satisfied thus making it even more famous and popular among the mobile services users. The company is changing most of its operations by employing technology in almost all of its operations such as marketing among others. The company is undergoing change, and the change is being inculcated thanks to the availability of technology gurus in the company. I would implement the changes in the company by employing my vast knowledge in technology in coming up with better methods that would see the company rise even more. One of the ethical issues that have been reported to be affecting the company is the idea of corruption among the leaders. The company has put in efforts to ensure that it is no longer an issue though it is still seen to persist.


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