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Published: 2021-08-18
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The first phase of the project was to identify a topic of study. Based on the fact that not so much awareness was available on the topic cognitive skills, I chose to focus on it. After which I carried an in-depth study of the same to come up with an article that expounds on the topic. The prior activities provided the basis in which I remixed the paper. First, I identified my reason for writing which was to give information on the benefits of cognitive skills so that more people would see to it that the training related to such would be introduced in schools. Therefore, after finding out my purpose, I set to remix the paper while only highlighting the benefits at large. The main reason why I chose to focus on the benefits was so that more people would read the information and get the interest that the study aimed at creating. Furthermore, most people lack time to go through lengthy articles. Focusing on the essential aspects of the material was crucial in delivering the intended message.

Cognitive skills are required in everyday life by everyone. The article, therefore, is a suitable piece to every member of the society. Considerably, better results are achieved when the training is begun at an early age. The research was purposed at improving the standards at which cognitive skills are placed, and to ensure that children's learning constitutes cognitive training programs. Therefore, the best audience to direct the paper would be to parents, teachers, and caregivers. Considerably, parents and caregivers are in a position to choose the training their children are offered. In creating such an awareness, more parents and care-takers are likely to request that such are infused in the school curriculum. Teachers, on the other hand, are the ones who implement such programs which make them the best audience to direct the article.

Considerably, many people do not understand the purpose of cognitive skills in life which makes it a bit hefty to work towards improving children's cognitive abilities. While most believe in intelligence as the only way to achieve the utmost success in a person's life, many do not view cognitive skills as necessary in a person's life. Therefore, the reason for this project was to create an awareness of the benefits of higher cognitive abilities. The intended audience as mentioned afore was parents, caretakers, and teachers. In trying to reach them at most, I had to devise the right procedure to go through the task. Therefore, I chose on making a shorter version of the paper. The one paged material would be very convenient for most people as reading it does not take a lot of time. Moreover, the piece is very straight to the point. Therefore, effective in reaching the intended audience.

Personally, I have always known that a higher intelligence quotient (IQ) that enables most people to solve the most significant problems they face in their daily lives. In fact, I have never at any point thought of myself as being able to explain some complex life problems. Further, I have never enjoyed gaming in any way. After going through the research project, I have realized my abilities. I now believe that by undertaking the right programs, I will be in a better position to solve more issues, and even improve my decision-making skills. Moreover, I have gained a new insight into gaming, and my interest has risen to a certain point. I cannot claim to have reached the peak of it all, but for sure, I am on the right track to living a more efficient life. Remarkably, the study was very crucial in setting the gear to my cognitive skills growth journey.


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