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Published: 2021-08-15
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Three months ago, I had a chance to observe Pamela in her preschool class. Pamela is 5 years old. As her mum told me, Pamela loves to play with her toy cars whenever she is at home. However, my greatest interest was to observe Pamela during her classes and I, therefore, purposed to watch her for a period of three good months starting from 2nd August 2017 to 2nd November 2017. The classroom was equipped with the modern learning equipments which facilitated to a great extent, learning by Pamela together with her 14 colleague students such as learning blocks especially the interlocking ones like bristle blocks, magnetic blocks, tinker toys, and construction straws. The class had the nontoxic markers that were washable, glue, crayons, paste, modeling clay, coloring books, and constructions papers. The class had two senior teachers and one assistant.

From day one to the last day, Pamela portrayed a number of motor skills. For instance, in class, Pamela was able to paste things on the paper as well as clap hands. Two weeks later as instructions continued, Pamela was even able to manipulate pencils and the crayons and she managed to draw and color from the blackboard and completed puzzles with ten and more pieces. I cant forget how Pamela came up with a drawing of her favorite teacher, Miss Cate, in her last month. Pamela, whenever she heard a knock from the door, she could get up from her seat, walk towards the door, open it and get back to her sit and continue with whatever she was doing. With a piece of paper, Darnell was able to cross onto the paper and even draw circles of her favorite.

For the period of three months, Pamela showed significant cognitive skills where she showed positive learning skills by her own such as paying attention, thinking and memory. For instance, after one month, She could practice and train with no instructions from anyone and every single minute, I could see her improve her thinking and learning skills by making decisions of what color to use in her coloring. I could hear her scream with a loud voice saying I want my green and blue crayon. She could as well call on other students to paint with her while showing them how to go about. Regardless of the prolonged time that Pamela could spend painting, she was never disrupted by other environmental factors. After two months and a half, Pamela showed good progress in mastering contents. She showed a lot of rhythms and catchy sayings and some of the content she even put it into music. For instance, she was able to, through rhythm, master numbers 1 to 50.

Pamela in a period of three months showed a number of social skills that were based on her ability to communicate and interact with the other students during class time. For instance, I can remember how Pamela used facial expression and gestures to express how bad she felt when she was denied a chance to make noise with other students. Poor Pamela even cried when her teacher ordered her to maintain silence in class. However, as time went by, Pamela changed the attitude and started showing role play. For instance, at the end of last month, Pamela could stand and take responsibility in the class by telling other students to maintain silence in class. Pamela liked to conduct lesson songs and report the less cooperative students to the teacher.

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