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Published: 2021-08-15
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Hank Schrader is a fictional character in Breaking Bad TV series. Hank is portrayed by Dean Norris, and the character was created by Vince Gillian, a series creator.

Character Background

Hank was chronicled as a jock back in high school and was interested in sports cars. Hanks energetic and masculine body led him to pursue his career as a Drug Enforcement Administration agent. He worked hard and was ranked to became the supervisor of all investigations. He is the husband of Mary with whom they have no children. This marriage brings him close to his family, the whites: Walt, Skyler (his wife and Maries sister), and Walter Jr., their son. Hank brews his homemade beer which he calls, "Schraderbrau," as a hobby. Underneath his outward attitude, Hank is displayed to be a tremendously poor individual who struggles with his vulnerabilities. He hesitated when he wanted to marry Marie. He also had PTSD and uncontrollable temper. During his recovery, he decides to collect minerals to pass the time. He becomes very harsh towards his wife, Marie. He felt discouraged because he became dependant on his wife. Hank always tried to hide his weaknesses because he feared that his public image would be weakened. However, he is displayed as a great nobleman, who would risk everything just to morally correct.

Character function

Hank Schrader was a partner and a close friend to Steven Gomez at the Albuquerque DEA office. The two developed leads during the Heisenberg and the blue sky meth investigations. Steven Gomez was knowledgeable on the inner functions of the Mexican gangs than Hank. Their relationship was strengthened by respect and also a lot of descent teasing about everything including bad breath or the better points or different local ethnicities. Gomez tells Hank that Tuko was not his hood mate any more than Charlie Manson was his when Hank describes Tuko Salamanca as his town mate. Gomez had a wife called Blanca Gomez. Jack Welker together with his group killed Steven in a gunfight moments before Hank was shot in the head.

Character Emotions

Hank portrays a similar character trait to that of Jesse. He takes his audience from the feelings of empathy and finally to sympathy. This approach is formulated through the complexity of masculine representation in a paternal world and juxtaposed against femininity. Hank is a Drug Enforcement Administration agent (DEA) who sticks to the truth and justice. Thought the series Hank represents a consummate Alfa male, brutish and unapologetic. He describes a strong character of masculinity. In the first few episodes of season one, his masculinity helps to strengthen his audiences empathetic connection. His sexist, arrogant and sexist character in the initial representation of the series, encourages the audience to feel antipathy towards his teasing, sexist and racist opinions. But as the show continues, Hank is portrayed to be a warm, loving and dependable family husband.

Hank threatened to alienate the audiences empathy when he failed to prioritize the well-being of his family. But he brings the feeling back to the viewers when he manipulates Skyler into implicating her husband and when he risks jesses life when tracking the recorded evidence against Walt. Hanks ability to empathize with Skyler and Jesse makes it easier for him to handle the both o them. Having known their strengths and weaknesses, he can adjust his strategy to gain the desired results. Empathy can be used as a weapon against an individual in such circumstances. Hanks character advancement from antipathy to pity then to sympathy is different from that of Walt which transmutes from sympathy to empathy than to antipathy.

Character components

Hank Schrader the Brother-in-Law: Hank was always good brother in law. Back then when Hank and Marie felt like half-finished sketches than full-blown characters, it was made clear that he thought of Walt, his in-law as a harmless bookworm. Hanks inability to come out strongly in the show had to be fixed from the beginning of the show. Otherwise, the whole story would not work out. The audience has to believe that he has it set in his consciousness that Walt was a weak family fan. But Hank still suspects that Walt had transformed into a criminal mastermind. He would have been wrong if he thought otherwise.

Hank Schrader the Person: this brings the viewers to who Hank Schrader is. When you think for a while and try to compare him with the other major characters, Hank is the only right person. Hank started off as a good person when he first appeared in the show. He eventually overcame Jesse regarding emotions, and he also overcomes all his frustrations on his wife Marie during his recovery. Hank is the only primary character in the show who has maintained good morals throughout the series. Hank is the only one with an outshining conscience.

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