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Published: 2021-08-16
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When I see an elderly man still going on with philosophy and not getting rid of it, that is the gentleman, Socrates, whom I think in need of a whipping. How would Epictetus respond to this objection that the philosopher is immature and unworldly?

Epictetus is renowned Greek Stoic philosopher, he was a slave and his name means acquired. Epictetus was different from other Stoics, because his philosophies were more based on Ethics, and less on the Physics and Logic. The following are the possible objections that Epictetus will give based on the question, philosopher is immature and unworldly?

Epictetus emphasizes on the need of being patent at all times. We have to familiarities with the will of nature as well as ourselves. We should not be obsessive about something that was perceived or see. Instead, take a little time to think more about it and come up with the relevant information before coming to the conclusions which could be probably be wrong due to lack of credibility. Claiming that philosopher is "immature" and unworldly, needs some robust reasons; therefore, one needs to be patient to contemplate more. In the case were, someone's child passes away, we tend to say that "it is part of life" But we do not say the same if the same case alternate to us, we should not take things for granted.

Epictetus spoke on being against dilettantism: If you decide to do something, remain in it and be dedicated and consistent with it. Epictetus would probably say that: "since I started my life as a philosopher, I cannot end it just like that in a sudden." Being a philosopher has no end; instead, the older a philosopher be, the more knowledge and experience they have in various issues of life and develop more rationales and hypothesis. A philosopher remains discipline and steadfast no matter the discouragement and ridicule he will encounter in his course of knowledge. To become a noble philosopher, you need to follow it with all your heart.

Perception of a philosopher is different from that of a layman; you have to either care about the material things or the mind. The philosopher cares for the mind, while the layman cares about the material. Knowledge is power, and there is no time it will be immature and unworldly. The power of knowledge cannot be compared to the material things.

Epictetus teaches the law of a philosopher; he claims that we should only say what is necessary and avoid speaking of predictabilities such as sports, gladiators, food, and drink. We should not gossip about other persons, by either blaming or praising them or evening complaining about their actions or who they are. Example, if a person is spreading rumors that are false, do not defend you, and instead respond by saying yes' only, this way he will be puzzled on half of your reactions which he will not be aware of it.

It is a law for a philosopher to speak with a non- philosopher, wince they will have the difference of ideas, and their state of reasoning are not equal. Epictetus will not blame them since a philosopher does not blame those who wrong or criticize them.

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