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Published: 2021-07-26
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My learning experience has been amazing, and I have gained a lot from undertaking this Business Research. I came in with an open mind, and that has facilitated the great learning experience I have had while undertaking the course. The learning experience has helped change my understanding and perspectives of different aspects of business and in turn propelled me to focus on researching various aspects of business and troubling ideas I may encounter. I have learned the art of analysis and understanding different scenarios that present themselves in all aspects of life. The Business Research course has helped me learn that analysis is important and decisions need to be made from an informed point of view. I have also learned the importance of being systematic and following a chronological order in coming up with solutions or ideas that are focused on providing insight on various situations.

The learning experience has instilled the virtues of patience, order, and consciousness of the surrounding environment. These virtues are of great significance to life in the corporate world and day-to-day living. The learning experience has value to my personal life and shaped my understanding and the way I observe different phenomena in this program. The learning experience has certainly broadened my scope of understanding and my view of the different problems and phenomena that are witnessed in life.

The learning process is important and beneficial to me because it has helped sharpen my analytical and problem-solving skills. The learning experience has helped me appreciate research and art of finding out facts about a phenomenon. The course has helped me in understanding the importance of being systematic and orderly in finding solutions to various problems by collecting facts. Business research learning experience has opened my understanding and equipped me with skills to apply throughout the program and learn about various aspects of the business.

Through the learning experience, I understand the art of basing findings on facts and adopting a systematic approach that follows a chronological order in finding solutions. This will help me in applying the lessons learned throughout the program and get the best out of the program. I have an interest in pursuing business research in my future career and the lessons learned will be of great importance in helping me realize this dream. The lessons I have learned and experienced in conducting business research have helped in building my research skills and appreciation for order in coming up with conclusive findings regarding different aspects of the business. The learning experience will help me in undertaking efficient business and market research in the future career which is part of my dream. I intend to branch out in market research and conduct conclusive analyses for various corporations. The learning experience, therefore, helps in preparing me for my future career.

The learning experience will help me in my personal life as well. The appreciation for diverse views and respect for a chronological order will be very important to successfully interact and live in harmony with other people in the society. The learning experience has also prepared me for life by exposing me to people with different views and helping me appreciate the different views. Apart from the learning process broadening my scope and understanding of researching phenomenon in the society and business environment, it has also equipped me with analysis skills and problem-identification skills which will be very important to me in life and in interacting with different people.

The learning process has been informative and source of intellectual benefits to my personal life, my future career and the success of the remaining part of the program. My learning process involved interacting with different views, reading intensively and extensively to understand the various opinions and views by other scholars and also receive different views and opinions from various parties I interacted with. In the process of reading intensively and extensively, I gathered knowledge and views that are beneficial to the course and relevant in helping me succeed in my program in the long run. I also interacted with other scholars in the course to understand their point of view regarding different phenomena, and this has helped me in understanding Business Research process even better. The different ideas from the scholars in the course have made me more knowledgeable and understanding in the analysis of ideas and finding solutions to problems identified. I have also seen the importance of seen the importance of business research and the learning process involved the assessment of qualitative data that is done through observation, and interpretation from observable attributes. The learning process included reading and assessing literature and views by various scholars, interaction and exchanging views between students undertaking Business Research course.

Business Research was very important and useful to my learning process. It helped me in understanding different concepts and the way to effectively handle various challenges that present themselves. Business Research enabled me to sharpen my research skills and build my knowledge capacity through reading vast literature published by different scholars, interacting with different people on the field and sharing ideas and perspectives with other students undertaking the course. The knowledge and ideas I have gotten from Business Research are important for my future career and my personal life as well. The learning process has been efficient in impacting my understanding of research concepts and the importance of having facts before making have any conclusions. Business Research has been important in imparting me with new skills and understanding of research concepts and theories deduced by different scholars and values applicable in my future career and the remaining part of my program.

The Business Research topic that I selected was about the outsourcing of business functions and non-core operations, the benefits, challenges and the implications. The reason for selecting the business topic is because the area has not received much focus from researchers and the topic is relevant in today's business environment. There are different views and insights about the topic and settling on finding the facts about it prompted to undertake the studying and research of outsourcing business functions and operations. The research process has helped bring on board new insights and provided deeper understanding regarding the topic and provide additional knowledge to the existing body of knowledge about outsourcing business functions. Through the selection of the business research topic and conducting conclusive qualitative and quantitative research about it, new insights regarding the benefits and disadvantages of business outsourcing have been identified. The facts have helped in confirming my hypothesis which held that outsourcing business functions possess numerous advantages that outweigh the challenges associated with it. The research reaffirmed my feelings about business outsourcing and my conclusion is that the disadvantages are not enough for organizations to avoid this topic. My reason for doing these assignments was to provide substantial findings to different business regarding the topic which has not been tackled by many scholars.

The Business Research topic and the learning process is relevant to my personal life, future career and the remaining part of my program. The knowledge and skills obtained from Business Research assignments are important to guide me in my future endeavours of pursuing market research and offering business solutions in the organizations I shall be offering my expertise and services to. The learning process has laid a framework for understanding future courses in my program because it has exposed me to numerous literature by different scholars and exchange of ideas in class during the assignments. The learning process will apply in future by guiding me in undertaking future research in my program and my future career. The Business Research course has given me insight and improved my understanding on researching various issues and chronologically finding solutions to identified problems through the collection of facts.


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