Bioinformatics Scientist Cover Letter

Published: 2021-08-11
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University of California, Santa Barbara
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Cover letter
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Working as bioinformatics scientist in one of the most reputable organizations such as {insert companys name} has been my life dream. This is because I will have the opportunity to address several challenges of emerging diseases by studying amounts of datasets at the molecular level such as proteomics and genomic sequence data. It is through this reason that I am applying for the position of {insert position} which was advertised on the companys website on {insert date} to express my interest and contribute to this exciting area of biology.

My academic road, achievements, and background are those that suggest I qualify for the position and put me ahead of other candidates. Particularly, M.Sc.(Thesis) in Animal Science (Bioinformatics) from McGill University and B Tech in Bioinformatics from VIT University have given an opportunity to be well conversant with duties and roles of a bioinformatics scientist. I have done several courses which include Genomics and Proteomics, Evolution and Phylogenetics, Genetic Engineering, Computational Biology, Cheminformatics, System Biology, and Advance programming in Bioinformatics. In regards to those courses, I have understood methodologies in clustering and identifying many homologous proteins into their super families and families.

While my several studies have continued to give me fundamental theories, it has been subjugated by research experience, the progress of scientific skills, and innovative experimental techniques. As per the requirement of this job, it is by my prospect of prior experience. It is important to note that bioinformatics is a combination of both biology and computer knowledge. I have technical skills that will make me be an essential asset to this organization. These include MySQL, SQLite, Oracle DB, Biological Databases (PDB, GOLD, PATRIC, GenBank, and UniProt. These skills were put to work during my training and internship at Python programming at IBI BIOSOLUTIONS Pvt and the University of Calgary, Canada, Mitacs Globalink Program respectively.

My training in biology enables me to understand detailed enzyme reaction processes and their relations with probable drugs. My aptitude to design and implement essential experiments to comprehend efficient mechanism permits me to manage projects self-sufficiently. One of the successful tests I did is the Effect of Antibiotics on gut microbiota of individuals affected by Tuberculosis. In this study, I Implemented processing of 16S data using Mothur, and QIIME pipelines annotated using SILVA database. I also accomplished visual, statistical and functional analysis of data.

Other than the technical skills, I am all rounded individuals who have unique characteristics in several fields that are useful in achieving the mission and vision of any organization. My knowledge of interdisciplinary science gives me an exclusive opportunity to interact and cooperate efficiently with scientists from diverse areas. I also have leadership skills that will foster teamwork, since through it all departments can work to realize the goals of an organization. Therefore, fascinated with the multi-faceted attractiveness of the world of biology, well-grounded in academics, in research and experimental skills, and work experience, I am committed to be an essential asset of this organization and assist it at arriving at its set goals besides developing my career path.

I would longed-for the chance to meet with you and discuss our shared interests and to discover ways in which I can make a positive contribution to your company when given this opportunity.

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