Best Practice in Biological Sample Collection, Processing, and Storage for LC-MS in Bio Analysis of Drugs

Published: 2021-07-16
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George Washington University
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There was an average level of organization of events. The summary at the beginning which mapped the presentation was well though there was a little problem to do with the statement of the theme and the subsequent sub-elements. For instance, there is no difference between a topic and a subsidiary sentiment. The presenter could have used semi-colonies to introduce a list of factors before a given theme. There is also a problem with which information should come first. The selection of the containers to do sampling could have come before the procedure instead of placing them almost at the end of the presentation (Sandberg, 2006). I like the provided summary which mapped the presentation though it does not give a clear image on what the presentation is all about. FDA and EMA could have been put in full to understand well since the introduction maps the clear content of the paper. There was a clear transition between sections leading to a clear flow of events in the presentation.


The page layout of the paper was fair. We are running in a digital era where the black and white color is not effective in making a presentation. The presenter could have used a different background color to make the presentation more attractive than docile. The current situation of the presentation is not attractive. There is more concentration on what is on the upper border as it looks good than the content of the paper. The layout of the article has much to do with the attention of the viewer a more colorful presentation pulls the attention of the viewer (Inoue-Smith, 2015).

Quality of images and/or text:

The quality of the images was poor. Whatever was used to describe what the images contained was not visible. For instance in the picture beside the chemical problems to avoid was not clear. Even the containers which were used were not visible and no clear indication on what was contained in the containers. The presenter could have used clear images of the diagrams or make drawings which were clear enough for viewing (Collins, 2004). Some images were just thrown randomly in the presentation without any word description of what they were all about. On the peptides page, there is an image which has no word description of what it is and why it is contained in that page.


The stated topic is averagely discussed as some of the regions were left out such as the storage part. There was also omissions of some important points right inside the paper, under the best practices time was not given much detail. Concentration on some topics which were of less important was rampant while the most critical areas such as the storage part were merely given the interest in the discussion (Atkinson, 2011). There is also a slight omission of the processing part as it is not given emphasize. An important theme such as processing could have been given enough description and not a mere highlighting.


Total Points 9

What is your advice for the presenter? What feedback would you provide to the presenter?

The presentation as a beginner and as a whole is fair the presenter should improve on the page layout tactics as the aim of a presentation is to capture the attention of the viewer. Another aspect is the use of punctuation marks which give the direction of the paper (Matijevic, Topolovcan, & Lapat, 2015). The presenter should also make diagrams or any images in a presentation clear as they carry heavy information regarding the presentation. Finally, the presenter should know on areas which need to be emphasized on for instance the processing and the storage sections of the paper which were looked down upon.

Additional comments:

The presenter should improve on the systematic flow of events so as do give a clear direction on which statement comes first.


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