Behavior Change Project - Reflection Paper

Published: 2021-07-16
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The Behavior Change Project was such an experience for the last four weeks of the semester. It was yet another additional activity to my already tight weekly schedules. The project was a success in the beginning. I had planned my days in such a way that every day was focused on a particular class or one large project, and I would work towards completing it a day before it was due. That worked for the better part of the first week and a portion of week two. But soon after that the plan quickly fell apart due to the increased work load. There was the homework that was due at the end of each week, and there was the behavior change project plan, and these two were running concurrently. I even tried doing something similar in another class, but that too failed to work. This, however, could be explained by the fact that the summer semester was shorter compared to a regular semester, leaving no much extra time to cover extra schedules besides the curriculum. Therefore, for me, the project ended up being an unsuccessful venture.

With the four weeks over for the project, my plan for the next step is to get into a more stable punishment plan that I can fix easily on my schedule such that I wont strain much in achieving it. To help in keeping me on track, I plan to involve some of my friends to whom I will be accountable. This way, it will be less likely that I will skip on the behavior plan. Additionally, I will need to use a physical planner and get a digital version on my phone to ensure that one supplements the other. This way, I will be covered for both when I am using my phone and when I am not. The advantage with the coming semester is that it is stretched over a longer period compared to the summer semester. Although I will be taking more classes, there will still be enough time to practice my behavior plan and carry on with the classes without much straining.

The BCP was a good idea and would have been an effective one if I had chosen a lesser problem to solve. My plan was to solve a problem I have with procrastination and laziness. I liked the idea of the project when it was introduced, but my laziness and lack of motivation just drained it away. The problem with procrastination has stuck with me for years since my sophomore years in high school and has carried on with me until now. With this project, I somehow gave up on it with the home works and limited time, thereby covering up the same problem I was trying to fix. From the project, I learned that it has to take deliberate efforts for me to change a habit that seems to be so ingrained in me. It is quite some task if behavior change has to be actualized in me. And that is why I have taken the initiative to include other people in assisting me to achieve my goal by keeping me in check. Also, time is a factor to the effectiveness of the project and the longer semester will work well for me.


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