Aviation Safety: Inspection Strategy

Published: 2021-07-02
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Airplane crashes can be as a result of various reasons, a lot of factors and strategies can be considered while at the airport so as to prevent crashes and as well as death which could result from such accidents. The aviation industry has evolved significantly concerning safety measures which include its operators, the manufacturers involved in the manufacture of the aircrafts and as well as the FAA.The management should ensure that there is a full inspection at the airport concerning the phases of part 139 (Eismin, 2013).

The F-22 Raptor should have been manufactured in design specifications that are certificated, and this would have helped in preventing the crash from occurring. Through the accessing of how safe the aircraft is during its operation helps the management to be in a position to be able to understand its levels of safety, be in a position to deal with a problem and as well as detect a particular challenge as fast as possible. When an aircraft is manufactured according to specifications that have already been certificated it helps to validate its standards of airworthiness. It helps in increasing its safety and as well as laying a solid basis for a long-term improvement.

The F-22 Raptor management could have kept in touch with their manufacturer that is Lockheed Martin manufacturers this is because they tend to have a more vast knowledge and as well as have enough experience about that type of aircraft than even the FAA.The could be in possession of the data that could be used and systems that can help in collecting such data so as to improve the level of safety. An element that tends to be missing in the process of the security management could be used to carry out the risk analysis system that will help in the allocation of resources so as to prevent the occurrence of an accident involving the aircraft (Karwowski & Marras, 1999).

The safety management should be a trusted and efficient process that should be in a position to monitor, communicate and as well as measure how effective the action is taken towards prevention of the risk will be. So as to prevent such a crash from occurring the FAA should also negotiate with the manufacturers so as to have an agreement which should be implemented regarding the safety management process this will regulate the manufacturers from manufacturing aircrafts that are not fit for operation.

The Airport should ensure that it has the 139 certificate. It will enable the management to be able to conduct their annual inspection of part 139.The safety inspectors will be able to do various investigations, and this will help in the prevention of accidents occurring before the takeoff and also after the takeoff of an aircraft. This process includes a total number of eight inspections. In the first phase the management carries out a pre-inspection review, this is whereby the data that is held at the airport is counter-checked. This review ensures that the airport has a good slope that is used for the runway purpose and its pavement is in good condition, that it is properly marked and also has a good lighting. This inspection also ensures that in the case of such a crash that occurred those people on the ground and as well as those on the plane they are safe. It inspects the area of movement so as to be able to know all the operations that are taking place on the ground. The inspection of part 139 helps to review the records related to the airports training records about firefighting and as well as training so as to be able to if the personnel involved are professionals.

The management should review previous data on accidents that had occurred in the past which are of similar aircraft so as to look into details what had caused the accident and how such an incident could be prevented in the future. For example, there was an accident involving an F-22 as well that is the May 31 mishap, the safety department should look into details on how such incidents can be prevented in the future, and this will help in reduction of aircraft crashes. The aircraft safety management should identify and give more attention to such conditions before it happens and becomes a reality.

The other way that such an incident that can be prevented is ensuring that the pilot is professional and is also well trained. He should be taught on how to deal with emergencies once they happen so as he can be in a position to act fast and save lives. For example, in this case, if the pilot had been well knowledgeable he could have been in a position to restart the generator. Pilots should have certain credentials that make them qualified so as to take up the job.

The other strategy that should be taken so as to prevent such a crash from occurring in the future is by the management ensuring that they carefully check on the airspace route that the plane will use. The management should be able to reorganize the air routes which will separate different altitudes. There should be clear communication between the pilot and the safety management team at the airport so as to guide the pilot in case of the weather change on the route that he is using so as the pilot can know how to deal with such a situation. The altimeter system should frequently be checked as it helps in showing the altitude above the sea level concerning the aircraft. It is of great help to the pilot during his flights.

The importance of aviation maintenance mechanics during the inspection process is that they can keep track of FAA new rules and regulations that are released and hence they can be up-to-date during the review process. They can detect early enough when the aircraft have a particular problem and work on it so as to prevent it from causing any damages. They are also able to increase the lifespan of an airplane and also ensure that it operates well for a given period. They make crucial decisions on which products should be used towards maintaining the aircraft and ensure that it always looks nice.

There are two types of maintenance in an airplane that is the scheduled and the unscheduled maintenance. While dealing with the electrical and as well as the electronic systems the wires that have been used and also the cables tend to be marked. It helps the technician or the mechanic that is repairing it to be to trace them easily while troubleshooting for an individual problem. The marking also helps the aviation mechanics to be able to differentiate a particular cable with another so as not to cause more damage. During the troubleshooting process, the mechanic should be able to review the system of the aircraft components and also operations which are in the MIMS. He should also be in a position to analyze the symptoms that are associated with such a problem, after that he should detect that particular problem, and lastly correct that problem and check if the aircraft functions well after that (United States, 2005).

The aviation manager should ensure that for an efficient aircraft inspection process he should introduce a training program where the mechanics and as well as the maintenance inspectors are trained and equipped with various skills of dealing with different problems that are related to the electrical systems of the aircraft. The manager himself should also be dedicated to his work so as to ensure that everything is done as per the rules and regulations that have been set by the various aircraft bodies by supervising what is being done by the different personnel. He could also institute an efficient aircraft inspection process by ensuring that the lines of communication are clear. They should have a good communication channel with their pilots so as he can be in a position to report any problem that is associated with the plane. Contacts with their manufacturers should also be maintained because they will be of great help to them in guiding them and giving more details about a particular model of aircraft and how it can be operated more safely. He should ensure that there is enough and qualified personnel who can do the task. The manager should ensure that the inspection is done after a short time so as to detect problems early enough before they cause any damage (Woodruff, 1991).



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