Autism: A Movie Approach

Published: 2021-08-17 01:45:54
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Autism is a disorder that hinders the full development of a person. The condition results in complex disabilities whose signs are often noticed in childhood. The disorder is often presented as the inability to communicate and interact with others in the society. Therefore, a certain set of behaviors is expected of the autistic individuals. While the damage to the level of interaction is known, the degree varies from one person to another. Notably, there are no known causes of autism, but an increased awareness is essential in administering treatment during early stages to provide better results. As mentioned before, autism affects the overall development of a child. Unfortunately, the condition is irredeemable, but through observing the lives of autism patients, there is so much that can be done. The film Temple Grandin is a true reflector of how autism should be managed.

The first and easiest way to notice an autistic disorder in a person is by observing the kinds of relationships they have with people. Often, patients are unable to make realistic conversations with people. It all begins at childhood. Sometimes it appears that they are disinterested while other times, they are unable to make meaningful conversations (Ratajzak, 2011). Temple in the movie is one such case. At a very young age, she realizes that she is different and opts to keep to herself in her room. Despite her mothers attempts to make her go out more often and interact with other kids, it is not quite easy. However, Temple proves that just as normal people, they are able to make conversations. It all depends on their interests. In the movie, after Temple identifies her passion with animals, she is able to stand out for them to a crowd of people. Considerably, theirs is a matter of concern and interest. Therefore, placing such individuals in positions that covers their interests is important in their growth.

Most people believe that autism is a hindrance to productivity. While they may be right, it is essential that the kind of productivity in consideration is looked into. While autism patients are unable to go through life as normal people do, the right kind of regime that supports their disabilities may be employed to reach out to their abilities (Shepherd et al., 2017). As mentioned, in some cases, they respond better to sounds, and others to colors. Therefore, it is essential that their most active senses are used in determining the direction their lives take. From the Movie, Temple shows beyond doubt, that whenever the right system of learning is applied to the victims, the results are considerably noticeable. She is one girl whose mother and teacher consider her best abilities which later on yield her success. Further, her ability to go through studies to a doctoral level till she becomes a professor at the University of Colorado highlights the ability of such kids to live a normal life just as normal people do. Indeed, the movie is a good source of inspiration to families where autism is present.

Finally, the story presents the role of families in the life of autistic people. Having an autism disorder is one part of the puzzle, but having an inconsiderate family is worse. Noticeably, people with autism are unable to make any kind of decisions for themselves (Shepherd et al., 2017). Therefore, it is the role of their families to discern the best schools to take them, and through their teachers, the best fields are chosen for them. Temple goes through schooling because of her mothers persistence. From the very beginning, her mothers desire for her daughter to live normally is highlighted. She is seen asking Temple out more often to socialize with others. Which she heeds as most people with autism disorder do. Basically, they often are obedient and dealing with them is not quite a task (Ratajzak, 2011). The common problem is that families give up on their members who sometimes turn out not to be as normal as the rest. Temples story is one which goes beyond borders to prove that family is essential in determining the direction of autism persons lives.

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