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Published: 2021-07-09
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George Washington University
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For this project, I will describe different scenarios with my roommate. My roommate engaged me in a conversation about the increasing use of drugs as a social tool for having fun. My roommate group argued that social drinking and the occasional use of some drugs such as marijuana is acceptable. In fact, the increasing regulation of the use of marijuana across several states in the United States highlights the acceptability of social smoking of the drug. It was difficult for me to present my point that the social drinking and abuse of drugs by students in various groupings was unacceptable. I felt that my roommate held the opinion that I was against the social interactions that allow students to have fun away from their busy studies. I felt that there are alternative ways of having fun without necessary indulging into excessive drug abuse.

The second scenario that I encountered was an altercation with my roommate who has failed to maintain the high standards of hygiene and cleanliness that I am used to since childhood. For a long time, I had been unable to express my feelings about the cleanliness of our room, but I finally got fed up and raised my dissatisfaction. The roommate got defensive and argued that I am cleanliness freak. However, I was happy that expressed my views and we had a discussion. Eventually, we came to a compromise and agreed to maintain a certain level of cleanliness including taking initiatives to clean the room occasionally.

The third scenario that I encountered was when my roommate decided to host a friend in out room for five days without my consent. I felt that it was rude to invite someone to our room to live with us for a few days without at least informing me. I felt that it was a small issue, but I decided to raise my concerns because this was the third time that this was happening. I felt that it was unacceptable to have the same scenarios reoccurring every other time. Although we had an argument over the matter, I do not regret my actions to bring up the issue because I feel it is only right for my roommate to acknowledge my rights of privacy and a sense of entitlement as an equal partner in the affairs of the room. At first, my roommate did not speak to me for a while, but I was glad that we got over the matter and we enjoy a good relationship as before.

The fourth scenario that I encountered with my roommate was a discussion about homosexuality. Initially, I was afraid to express my views; thus, I kept shaking my head and agreeing with everything that my roommate was saying. However, after giving the short talk some thought, I decided to express my views to my roommate, and I was glad that we had a meaningful discussion. We spoke openly about the homosexual agenda that has become a vibrant debate topic in this century.

In a nutshell, I was able to exhibit strong character during the different scenarios with my roommate. For instance, I waited for the right time after the visitor had left our room before I raised my concern about hosting someone in our room without my consent. Also, I accommodated the views of my roommate and took adequate time to reflect on my views to avoid being judgmental. The challenge I had was bringing up an issue and articulating my thoughts. Overall, this is a pattern that I have developed where I find it hard to articulate my thoughts because I fear to criticize people. Fortunately, I am glad that I am better at putting my well-being before I start making compromises. I am committed to improving my commitment level to improve my communication skills and assertiveness in different scenarios.


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