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Published: 2021-08-15
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Stakeholders refer to parties that are directly affected by the decisions of an organization. Stakeholders have direct interests in an organization and organization decisions can negatively or positively affect the stakeholders of an organization.


Customers are important stakeholders in any business because decisions made by an organization directly affect the customers. For instance, when an organization such as ASOS Plc decides to increase the wages of the employees the overhead costs are passed on to the customers. Therefore, customers are an important stakeholder to ASOS Plc.


Suppliers refer to the entities that are responsible for providing the items for sale to ASOS Plc. They include the product providers of the products which are sold by ASOS Plc to the consumers in the company markets across the globe. Suppliers are directly affected by ASOS Plc decisions which make them critical to the operations of the organization. Suppliers are highly dependent on the success and decisions that are made by an organization. In this case, the decision by ASOS to expand its market wills align with the interests of the suppliers who will be able to make more money through increased supplies to ASOS Plc. On the other hand, a decision by ASOS Plc to stop operations in a certain market will negatively affect the suppliers through decreased sales and revenues.


Employees are a significant stakeholder in every organization because they have vested interests in an organization and any decision that ASOS Plc can make will directly affect the employee's welfare. In this case, ASOS Plc has significantly invested in its employees through training, compensation as well as the creation of policies that ensure optimum operation and productivity of the employees. The employees in an organization are affected by the decisions of an organization regarding retrenchment, promotion and increased compensation of the employees.


Investors refer to the entities who have contributed capital to an organization for its operations and functioning. In this case, investors are primary stakeholders because they provide capital which is used to develop the operations and functionality of an organization. Investors are stakeholders in that the decisions of an organization will directly affect the investors. For instance, poor management reduces the productivity of an organization which reduces the returns of the investors.

The community

The community is a stakeholder in an organization in that the community is directly affected by the decisions of an organization. For instance, a community relies on an organization for certain activities such as water and other minor services that are provided by an organization.

Power/Interest grid

High supportive stakeholders Low supportive stakeholders

Employees Community

Suppliers Customers Investors Stakeholders who will need repositioning

Repositioning plays a significant role in the success of an organization since it is a change of guard and operations of an organization which promotes the sustainability of an organization.


Suppliers play a critical role in the success of an organization, in this case, ASOS will need to reposition its suppliers with the aim of creating better price competition which will help the organization acquire a competitive price advantage. ASOS is currently performing poorly, and the chance to acquire price leadership can increase sales and yields of the declining organization.


The community plays an important role in the success of organizations. Despite ranking lowly in the organization power grid, the community can drive organization sales through improved relations. ASOS Plc should invest in the community in the future to improve the organization image to the community. Repositioning the organization in the community will change the direction of the organization performance.

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