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Published: 2021-07-07
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There is plenty of literature and movies exploring fantasy and science fiction including many subgenres that exhibit artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is amongst the most recurrent themes in todays world of literature that incorporates a wide range of themes. In the world of literature, some authors are talented in integrating science fiction and artificial intelligence concepts to pursue themes of their interests. H. G. Wells has a written many books that exhibit science fiction and artificial intelligence with The War of the Worlds being on the list. Alex Garland authored the Ex Machina in 2015 while William Wheeler, Jamie Moss, and Enhren Kruger wrote The Ghost in the Shell in 2017. The book and the two movies have in many instances exhibited artificial intelligence and science fiction that expose various applications, technologies, devices, predictions and techniques that could be instrumental in changing the lives of humans.

Artificial intelligence is commonly associated with machines. In computer science as an area of study, artificial intelligence is linked with machines that perceive an environment and undertake some actions in maximizing the chances of success of the set goals (Berlatsky, 2011). Artificial intelligence explores instances where a machine can mimic the cognitive functions that people associate with the mind of humans such as problem-solving and learning. The central goals or problems related to artificial intelligence in the world of research revolve around communication or the natural language processing, learning, planning, knowledge, reasoning, perception and the capacities for manipulation and movement of objects.

Science fiction majorly exhibits imaginative concepts such as technology and futuristic science, time travel, space travel, parallel universes, faster than light travel and extraterrestrial life. It deals with speculative fictions that deal with imaginative situations. Science fiction explores commonly explores the potential impacts of scientific and other innovations thereby acquiring the term a literature of ideas (van der Laan, 2010). However, science fiction avoids the use of supernatural powers of beings unlike the genre of fantasy. Science fiction books and movies are intended to establish a ground for science-based theories or facts at the time when they are written, or movies shoot. However, this connection is currently limited to the fiction of hard science.

The War of the Worlds

H. G. Wells authored the book the War of the Worlds in 1896. The author explores his utopias founded by the holocaust of war. He proves the inefficiency of the previous separatist system. In the book, the advantages of the World State in the development and organization of society are enormous. Wells depicts significant monetary savings since time, money, resources and men are not devoted to warfare and defense systems. The War of the Worlds is a story describing the earths invasion by horrible aliens who can be present in the future. Two peoples are in war, Earthmen, and Martians in a world present of complacency of suburban English and a future of horrifying inhumanity and technology. The War of the Worlds is a war between planets Earth and Mars. Fortunately, the earth manages to win the war due to superiority complexity of its ecology which is the existence of energy crucial during the war.

The plot of the book is an allegory of the victory of a primitive society by colonialists that are technologically complex without any acknowledgment for culture. England first falls into Martins imperialist that is characterized by war machines. However, in the end, the Martins die since their organisms lack antibodies when subjected to the terrestrial microbes. England becomes a metaphor referent for current humankind with a primitive nature. The War of the Worlds is similar to the allegory of various bodies in the world.

Considering that the book was authored in 1896, the science fiction of the book set up a beginning of a new science. According to the author, science fiction and technology is an expression of a life crisis to a specific environment. War machines during the 18th century were not much common, unlike the present world. There was little technology that could shape the buildup of more advanced and technological war tools particularly their automation. The Martians possess advanced fighting machines that demonstrate a potential for exploitation and cruelty in the mind of human beings. However, he never stresses that the beings from Mars are not evil. They are highly efficient and moral.

Determination of how accurate that these fictions are can be challenging as much needs to get explored. Many authors have included the concepts of the existence of other human beings on other planets, but it is just a fiction. There may be other organisms living on other planets just like humans are living on planet earth. There could also be more technological techniques and applications by other beings in other planets than in this planet. Human beings on earth are making significant advancements in technology that could make them the most superior being over other beings.

The philosophical issues portrayed by the book are global justice, humans and the environment amongst others. Wells presents Martins as highly efficient and moral, but they are inhuman in their efforts of conquering human beings in the earth. They are unjust. Wells also present that beings have different environments characterized by the lack of survival of Martins in the human environment.

In case I get an opportunity to revise the book, the use of panics, resistance movements, refugees, underground hidings, bacteriological weapons and poison gas would be followed by the remedies to mitigate the effects and occurrence of the wars. I would also incorporate the use of airstrikes and computerized weapons. Many nations are seeking to computerize their weapons and the use of nuclear weapons due to their superiority and the potential of large extents in bringing down the enemies.

Ex Machina

The Ex Machina is a film directed and written by Alex Garland in 2015. The film is an independent science fiction psychological thriller appearing Oscar Isaac, Domhnall and Alicia Vikander as the stars. The movie follows a programmer invited by a CEO to carry out Turing tests to an intelligent humanoid robot. The film superficially looks like it is about the future of the artificial intelligence and many instances of science fiction. The movie concentrates on telling more about the future and discussions about artificial intelligence. It reflects on the technological progress particularly those pertaining human egos.

The Ex-Machina successfully applies various devices, technologies, and techniques in the creation of Ava. Ava is a machine, but it is designed to act with special effects technology that is compelling and remarkable in creation. Ava, the creation of the film looks much different like robots and is capable of demonstrating unsettling clear movements that that present here a combination of both a machine and human. Caleb and Ava (a normal human being and a machine) have a personal connection depicted by their strengths that may raise some tantalizing questions such that they exhibit emotional connection.

The artificial intelligence, science fiction and the technological techniques demonstrated by the film have a high degree of accuracy. Machine learning presents an opportunity for the machines to behave like normal human beings. As many researchers have committed their efforts in developing a world of robotics with the latest levels of technologies, milestones of these achievements can be visible in the next several decades or possibly century. The predictions of machines in the name of robots becoming emotional and exhibiting human characteristics will become true one day.

The film Ex Machina can be referred to a philosophy with the budget due to the range of philosophical problems that it explores. It can dramatically bring philosophical problems to the virtuous life. The Ex Machina concentrates on a series of problems that are all connected to the mind. The film is primarily set on artificial intelligence employing a gist of a machine known as Ava to be put to the test. The machine intelligence into passing a Turing test in a philosopher's point of view is something probably never thought. The basic ideas are that it may be challenging or impossible for one to distinguish between a machine and a human being. The computer engages in a natural language conversation that enables it to pass the Turing test.

The Ghost in the Shell

The Ghost in Shell is an American film produced in 2017 pursuing science fiction and artificial intelligence. The film was written by William Wheeler, Jamie Moss, and Enhren Kruger. The film was set in the future when the line between robots and human beings blur. The Ghost in Shell is an adaptation of a cult, fictional 28-year old classic Japanese manga exploring machine augmentation and humans. The manga first appeared in the Ghost in Shell subtitle in 1989 before being published by Kodansha in its volume. It described a counter cyber terrorist organization story by a protagonist in the Japanese 21st century.

The story of the film involves a cyborg based on human brain exhibiting artificial intelligence augmentation. The cyborg hunts hackers and cyber criminals in 2029. The Ghost in the Shell constructs a theme explaining that a machine and a man beats machine or man. The most complicated part of it is that the mind-body connection is a two directions thing and interference of one result to the control of the other. When the film was conceived in 1989, machine augmentation and human capacity were a far much-fetched idea more thought of science fiction. When a film first presented the mange idea in 1989, the internet had not coined most of the nations as the World Wide Web was inexistent. A couple of years later, the world became excited due to the introduction of browsers that helped access the web.

The major character of the film, Ghost in Shell leverage the best of cyborg and human worlds in the relentless pursuit of a mission whereby she operates faster with the advantage of a global field of intelligence that helps her make excellent decisions. Through the focus of the attackers actions and behaviors instead of signatures that demonstrate their existence; it establishes a clear understanding of what hackers are capable of doing, and their next moves can be easily projected.

The Ghost in the Shell uses various artificial intelligence techniques and applications are assuming machine learning algorithms either unsupervised with completely self-trained from deployment or supervised with examples of data before deployment. The application of these algorithms provides extra analytical layers that form an integrated intelligence that the character learns from them.

The techniques and applications presented in the movie particularly those exhibited by manga, the major character is accurate. Artificial intelligence is taking a new turn especially with the major advancements of machine learning algorithms. There are a lot of opportunities after the sprout of the big data analytics. The field of big data analytics is still amongst the least explored fields, and it would be impossible to describe what will happen in the next few decades exactly. The predictions of the film are real.

The Ghost in Shell imagines a future with ghetto ridden Japanese metropolis occupied by robots, people, and cyborgs (technologically enhanced humans). In a psychological perspective, the resilience, superhuman strength, and X-Vision as presented by body enhancements beat the human logic. These traits can be one of the...

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