Articles Analysis Essay on Bilingualism and Cognitive Development

Published: 2021-07-01
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Bialystok, Ellen PhD. Comment on, Second-Language Acquisition and Bilingualism at an Early Age and the Impact on Early Cognitive Development. N.P. October 2008,

This article is in line with the subject as it touches on the subject at a whole new level. Backed by studies, experiments, research questions and other methods used to verify the legitimacy and eligibility of a subject. The author starts by giving us the earlier myths the parents and guardians of the children had, the studies done to debunk those myths and further studies to put the uncertainties to rest. Similar to the authors aim, reading this article guarantees understanding of Early Cognitive Development, second language acquisition at an early age and bilingualism from childhood because of its layout and the rich content written. In comparison to the other sources, this one goes an extra mile to talk about the second language and general cognitive development at an early age something the previous sources have not discussed rather mentioned but not discussed.

Grosjean, Francois PhD. Comment on, Bilingual Infants. Sussex Publishers. 9 December 2010,

According to the information embedded in this article, it is a reliable source that ties to the subject. The author of this article who has lived their entire life as a bilingual and went ahead to study about the bilingualism to be able to understand the subject better, has simplified most of the studies and experiments done with a short, concise article. In what this particular author has deduced, he discusses about bilinguals in summary and even goes ahead to give brief information about monolinguals, the second language acquisition and phonetic representations of bilinguals and that of monolinguals. Unlike other sources that have touched on the subject of phonetic representations, this is easier to understand for everyone who has taken an interest in the subject since the author has narrowed down all the studies and experiments results to give us the final deductions. The other sources carry information that is a little complex regarding the data, hypotheses and methodologies used.

THE WHITE HOUSE. Comment on, The Importance of Early Childhood Cognitive Development N.P. 14 May 2017,

This article does not carry much information about the importance of early cognitive development in children but it has relevant, reliable and legitimate information. The author of this article using a few studies they had seen somewhere and their perspective, they highlight this importance and the effect it has on the child activities in early life like talking, learning and relating with others. This article in comparison to others, touches this subject at a different angle and simplifies some of the things mentioned indirectly in other sources hence making it easier to integrate.

Rodriguez, Diana. Comment on, Why is Cognitive Development Important in Preshoolers? N.P. 18 February 2015,

It is a vital and relevant article has approached early cognitive development in children from a totally different viewpoint that little has been mentioned about in the other sources rather ignored. The author apart from mentioning all else mentioned in the previous sources cited about second language, bilingualism, and development of cognitive abilities hence something else that is essential to the buildup of brain function which is play. According to them play is what makes children mostly creative, relate well their peers and elders, develop leadership skills and overall non-verbal cognitive duties. Unlike all the other sources that omitted play in their research and findings this one has explained it and its importance to a child hence it inclusion to this bibliography.


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