Article Analysis Essay on Systems Approach to Law

Published: 2021-07-12
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Lynn M. LoPucki has outlined the topics that he intends to cover in the article. The primary concern of the author is the system analysis and how they are related to law. The author gives all the steps required in analyzing the methodology involved in the analysis of the system. He has carefully ordered his work making it easier for the reader to understand. Furthermore, the author has shown how the systems can be applied in the court system. Before concluding the paper, he states some of the purposes that the system will perform in the law courts. It is, therefore, true to state that a system can be applied in many situations it just depends on how the system functions to make the work easier. As it is the case with every system, the main aim is always ensuring that the work to be performed is done in the most efficient and effective means. Systems hence aim at reducing cost and increasing output. This paper will review Lynn M. LoPuckis article on a systems approach to law.

The author first starts by explaining the different diversities in professions and what people do. He explains clearly how a person from one profession will concentrate on his profession without minding to know what the other professions entail. This is very true since people tend to concentrate on what they do but never want to be diverse in their actions as well as their professions. For instance, a sociologist will only concentrate on sociology but not on other professions. By doing so, he will be restricting and limiting himself from a lot of information that may be helpful (LoPucki, 1996). Moreover, such actions lead to wrong conclusions during analysis since an individual will concentrate on a certain concept widely and forget about other important ones. This argument is very true, but it is also important to note that men are not capable of multitasking the same way that systems can. However, the action of restricting an individuals attention to a certain aspect of reality has an advantage since one can work on one thing at a time hence making it less complex to work completely.

The author gives a good and clear definition of what a system is and what it does. According to the author, a system is a combination of different items that work together to achieve a particular goal. He also gives the analogy of a human body as a good representation of what a system does. It is important to state that his definition of terms, as well as their explanations, are specific and accurate. He also explains to readers the specific differences between various kinds of systems and how they do their desired functions. The author explains terms needed in the understanding of systems such as the Parsonian functionalism as well as how it is related to social purposes. He also states that systems analysis requires that each system can perform one or more goals successfully. The author finally gives the importance of a social system to law students as well as the law courts.

In conclusion, it can be pointed out that the author has understandably outlined his points hence making it easier for the reader to understand. It is also vital to state that the author has been direct to his points and specific in his explanations hence making it easier for the reader to understand the article. Moreover, this article is useful for the purpose of implementation of the stated systems. Developers who wish to come up with the stated systems can do it through using the article as a good guide on the same.



LoPucki, L. M. (1996). Systems Approach to Law. Cornell L. Rev., 82, 479.


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