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Published: 2021-07-14
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Sociological Superheroes by Peter Kaufman speaks of the need for superheroes to stop evildoers from planning evil plots. In his post, he provides examples of batman, superman, wonder woman, and the flash in comic stories, who strive to keep the world safe. However, he explains that these traditional superheroes only solve problems after they occur. The author states that the society needs a sociological superhero such as Factoid Fanatic, who would not tolerate fabrications and contemptible lies in the society. Additionally, he asserts that the community needs the reflector who would confront people about their stereotypes and prejudices. More so, he talks about the need for captain interdependent, who would make people realize that they need each other to survive. The author concludes that the society needs to save humanity.

One aspect, which I find interesting about the article, is that the society needs to replace crime fighters with individuals who have the ability to think critically to prevent crime. The reason I find it interesting is the authors use of the words, critical thinking facilitators. Kaufman (2017) affirms that the society needs superheroes that would help imprudent characters to see things undoubtedly, think decisively, and act compassionately. Truly, societies lack facilitators who can work to prevent crimes. Critical thinking is a crucial aspect that would improve the decision-making of sociological superheroes to prevent crime. Additionally, it would help superheroes to reach rational and informed decisions regarding crime prevention in the society.

The article offers a viewpoint of how I see the world. One point I found significant is that prevention is the primary goal to end problems faced by the society. On a broader perspective, the need to save humanity is crucial. Problems such as social isolation, violence and inequality are rampant in the society today. I see the world as brutal and beautiful at the same time. Majority of individuals in the world are cruel and others depict average behavior. Apparently, individuals are in dire need of fixing. It is believable that when the sociological superheroes come to the society, people will live peacefully and respect humanity.

The author represents power in the article. The group that appears to have power is individuals in the society. Throughout the article, Kaufman (2017) emphasizes that individuals can own up to their social prejudices. The author implies that power is in the hands of individuals themselves to stop inequality, which often results in sociological problems. Correspondingly, the people who benefit from having the power are the people. From the authors perspective, if members of the society learn to appreciate one another, they would gain in a way that serenity would exist. On the contrary, those who are left out are individuals who suffer from societal biases. One assumption about power is that one has to be vindictive and vicious for them to remain above the rest. The author stresses that the society needs to save humanity by treating each other equally.

The article contributes to my understanding of inequality in various ways. First, Kaufman (2017) speaks of the collective manifestation of individualism. Usually, most people feel threatened by the existence of their fellow beings. For example, all Muslims worldwide are considered as terrorists. They often receive backlashes from the society. Notably, that is a case in point of how inequality exists in the society. More so, the author speaks of racism and sexism. Many individuals do not see their peers as equal because they have allowed social prejudices to control their lives. In todays society, people care less about the problems around them because they do not affect them directly. The post highlights that inequality is prevalent and sociological superheroes need to step in to prevent it.


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