Article Analysis Essay on Melbourne Could Be Stripped of Worlds Most Liveable City

Published: 2021-07-30
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The article titled Melbourne could be stripped of worlds most liveable city is written by Olivia Lambert who believes that a world most livable city should be that with a small population of around one million and have enough infrastructure that can allow people to move around as opposed to what is happening in Melbourne. The author begins the article with a confined tone in the bid to convince the reader that indeed the city of Melbourne does not have the right qualities to be the worlds most liveable city. Moreover, the main author point of the argument is on the disapproval through the use of the emotive language of professor Buxton on the much developed European cities that have good systems that are favorable as compared to the Melbourne. Secondly, the author raises through various people on the current state of Melbourne that can make it be stripped of the worlds most liveable city which it was given.

First, the author asserts that the Melbourne city is where transport is delayed, the condition of the urban sprawl and the high-density apartments are rife. By stating this, the author joins the others in the requirements of the city and the changes that should be made to make the city livable. This encourages the readers to feel the urge to catch up with the current development in the transformation of the major cities in the world and what a worlds liveable city should have regarding population, size and the levels of technology. Moreover, the author acknowledges the opposing arguments of the people such as Prof Buxton and the others on the kind of city Melbourne is compared to the other European nations regarding development and also a substantial reasoning on being stripped of the title. The author uses an example According to RMIT environmental planning professor Michael Buxton; these are the things that could cause Melbourne to be stripped of its worlds most liveable city title this year to make the readers agree with the emotive feeling of the city being stripped of its title.

Secondly, the author addresses the feeling of discontent of people especially Prof Buxton in the growing size regarding the population of Melbourne that might bring difficulty shortly. This is captured when Professor says that the extent of the city has been debated for years and that when the population reaches 1.5million, then a real problem will come. These issues pose a question on the reader's mind on the people that are responsible for the stripping of the title from the city due to the poor management and absence of focus. However, the author becomes a bit positive to accept that despite the claims on the city, the city has a pleasant climate as compared to the miserable one in Europe to bring the author to the point of finding more about the city.

The author intends to address the issue of Melbourne being stripped from the worlds livable city after making the comparison to other global cities like the ones in Europe. The author uses the direct speeches from the people showing some disregard on present happenings in the city of Melbourne that makes other cities to be better than them regarding development. For example, the aspect of the rising population in the town that will pose an economic imbalance of the city is used to show disregard. The use of other peoples direct speeches is to remove doubt and for making the emphasis to the point to be passed.



Lambert, O 2016, Melbourne could be stripped of worlds most liveable city title.


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