Article Analysis Essay on How Women Are Marginalised When It Comes to the Film Industry

Published: 2021-07-19
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The article articulates how women are marginalised when it comes to the film industry. The author explains that such measures are experienced by women as early as the teens. Films tend to affect sexual moral and conducts. In most cases, women are viewed different compared to the male actors. As much as they are trying their best to overcome those challenges, some aspects of the society still hinder their progress. Some films are produced showing how young girls left home to pursue their dream, of becoming actress are they're failed miserably. They explained that such women lacked the skills required to pursue such dreams of a career. In his efforts, the author was trying to enlighten the society the challenges women experience in the film industry.

The article gives an example of a young girl, Maurice Tourneur, who wanted to become an actress. In 1923, the film Association did not recognise the women in that industry. Based on that, the movie that was produced by Maurice highlighted the tribulation of young women who become well known based on that film. However, during that year awarding ceremony, the young girl was not recognised. Many people criticized the movie industry for their discrimination, and they had to include the women in their category. The author was trying to indicate that women have the responsibility of fighting for their rights. They need to support each other so that the public could be aware of their grievances.

The article also gives an example of how the society views women when they perfume certain activities such as painting. On one occasion, a woman decided to venture into painting which was mostly practiced by men. Many people discouraged her from painting as they believed that it would not be morally right in that society. The children of that woman were mocked by their fellow peers, but it did not discourage her from pursuing her dream.

The article depicts the famous story fallen women in which it portrays the struggle of a single mother. The woman was condemned for having an illegitimate child which made her be chased from home. She knew that the only way to survive was to find a job and provide for her son. Such measures reflect the changing role assumed by women. In most cases, men are supposed to provide for their families. However, in this case, the woman had to take up the role of men to search for employment opportunities to feed her child. The fallen woman was then produced after the producers realised that many were interested in that story. In fact, it was one of the most watched movies in the country as it reflected most of the challenges the women were experiencing in the society, by using the story of that young women, many people could reflect on their roles in the society. Also, it aimed at enlightening the government that it needed to take strict actions to liberate the women community.

The movie the fallen women faced criticized from a section of the society who argued that the film was exaggerated. Most of the people argue that the movie was discriminating in nature since men were also experiencing similar challenges. However, it was certain that with the aim of liberating themselves, the women were likely to face various barriers.


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